In 1963 Tonan Ajia Kenkyu was started as a bilingual quarterly journal that reflects the Center for Southeast Asian Studies’ strong commitment to publishing the best of empirically grounded, multidisciplinary, and contemporary research in the natural sciences, social sciences and the humanities. In 2012, our center re-launched Southeast Asian Studies, an all-English journal as a sister journal of Tonan Ajia Kenkyu. Intended for a regional as well as global readership, Southeast Asian Studies is published three times a year. In accordance with the launching of new English journal, Tonan Ajia Kenkyu has been reorganized as an all-Japanese biannual journal.

Peer-reviewed by a broad range of specialists, the journal accepts articles for review all year round.


ISSN 0563-8682


  • Japanese Journal of Southeast Asian Studies Vol.55, No.2

    [CONTENTS] Published on January 31, 2018 インドネシアにおけるパロロ群泳・天体周期と在来暦法の特徴 [Palolo Swarming, Celestial Cycles, and Indigenous Calendrical Systems in Indonesia] ・・・ 五十嵐 忠孝 [IGARASHI, Tadataka] ポルトガル領ティモールにおける19 世紀後半から20 世紀初頭の宣教テキストのテトゥン語訳 ――西洋中心主義的「誤訳」とその社会的・学問的影響―― [Missionary Local Language Texts in Portuguese Timor from the Late 19th to the Early 20th Century: Europe-Centric Mistranslation and Its Social and Intellectual Impacts] ・・・ 土屋 喜生 [TSUCHIYA Kisho] 〈特集〉アブラヤシ農園拡大の政治経済学 ――アクター,言説,制度の視点から―― [Political Economy of Oil Palm Plantation Expansion: Actors, Discourse, and Institutions] 序 [Introduction] ・・・ 岡本 正明 [OKAMOTO, Masaaki] 林田 秀樹 [HAYASHIDA, Hideki] アグリビジネスのグローバル化とパーム油産業の構造変化 ――「パーム油開発先進国」マレーシアを中心に―― [Globalization of Agribusinesses and Structural Change in the Palm Oil Industry: With Special Reference to Malaysia as a Leading Country in Palm Oil Development] ・・・ 岩佐 和幸 [IWASA, Kazuyuki] もう一つの油戦争 ――不健康なパーム油という言説,その対抗言説の誕生と発展―― [Another “Oil War”: […]

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  • Japanese Journal of Southeast Asian Studies Vol.55, No.1

    CONTENTS Published on July 31, 2017 ラオスにおける解放区の成立過程 ―― 1950 年代におけるパテート・ラオの対ベトナム民主共和国・対ラオス王国戦略の変遷を中心に―― [The Process of Establishing the Liberated Zone in Laos: Focusing on Changes in the Strategy of the Pathet Lao toward the Kingdom of Laos and the DRV in the 1950s] ・・・ 南波 聖太郎 [NAMBA, Seitaro] マレーシアにおけるメディア統制と与党UMNO の起源 ―― 脱植民地期のマレー語ジャーナリズムと政治権力―― [The Origins of Media Control and the United Malays National Organization (UMNO) in Malaysia: Malay Journalism and Political Power in the Decolonization Era] ・・・ 伊賀 司 [IGA,Tsukasa] 「創造都市」の創造 ―― バンドンにおける若者の文化実践とアウトサイダーの台頭―― [Invention of “Creative City”: Youth Cultural Practices and the Rise of an Outsider in Bandung] ・・・ 金 悠進 [KIM, Yujin] 書評 [Book Reviews] 貞好康志.『華人のインドネシア現代史―― はるかな国民統合への道』木犀社,2016,471p. [Sadayoshi Yasushi. A Modern History of Chinese Indonesian: In […]

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  • Japanese Journal of Southeast Asian Studies Vol.54, No.2

    CONTENTS Published on January 31, 2017 ボルネオ内陸部の交易拠点としてのロングハウス ――19 世紀末のサラワクにおける河川交易からの考察―― [The Longhouse as Trade Hub in Inland Borneo: Sarawak’s Riverine Trade in the Late Nineteenth Century] ・・・ 佐久間 香子 [SAKUMA, Kyoko] 北タイ・HIV 陽性者の日常における自助グループ活動の展開 ――ドキュメンタリー映画『いのちを紡ぐ』の制作を伴う考察―― [Everyday Activities of Support Groups for HIV-Positive People in Northern Thailand: Observations Based on the Production of a Documentary Film (Weaving the Web of Life Together Today and for Tomorrow)] ・・・ 直井 里予 [NAOI, Riyo] 終わらない開発 ――ポスト遊動狩猟採集民ムラブリの開発をめぐる現状分析―― [Unending Development: An Analysis of the Current Status of Development Targeting Post-Nomadic Hunter-Gatherers the Mlabri] ・・・ 二文字屋 脩 [NIMONJIYA, Shu] 20世紀初頭におけるラオの終末―救済観念とピー信仰 ――4巻の縁起本と「有徳者」の語りの分析から―― [Spiritual Beliefs and Eschatological Salvation of the Lao: An Analysis of the Four Palm Leaf Manuscripts and Words of Holy Men during […]

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  • Japanese Journal of Southeast Asian Studies Vol.54 No.1

    CONTENTS Published on July 31, 2016 ゴムを植えることにした人たち ――タイ東北部農村から見るグローバル化―― [Decision to Cultivate Rubber: Globalization in a Village in Northeast Thailand] ・・・ 藤田 渡 [FUJITA, Wataru] タイ・運河沿い市場集落の空間からみる社会集団の形成論理 ――生業空間としての水上市場を事例に―― [The Space and Logic for the Creation of Social Groups in a Canal Town in the Coastal Zone of the Chao Phraya Delta: A Case of Canal Use in the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market] ・・・ 佐治 史 [SAJI, Fumi] インドネシア経済史におけるバクリグループの合理性 ――金融自由化の進展と政治コネクションの変容による作用―― [Rationality of Bakrie Group in Indonesian Economic History:Financial Liberalization and Political Protection] ・・・ 小西 鉄 [KONISHI, Tetsu] 書評論文 [Review Articles] Special Review: 市村アジア政治経済学から学ぶべきもの [What Should We Learn from Prof. Ichimura’s Asian Development Studies?] ・・・ 原 洋之介 [HARA, Yonosuke] 水のゾミア試論 ――東南アジアの海民を事例として―― [An Essay on Watery Zomia: With Reference to “Sea […]

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  • Japanese Journal of Southeast Asian Studies Vol.53 No.2

    CONTENTS Published on January 29, 2016 タイにおける一貫道の組織発展と人間の流動性 [The Organizational Development of Yiguan Dao (I-Kuan Tao) in Thailand and Human Mobility] ・・・ 林育生 [LIN, Yu-sheng] 南ベトナム(ベトナム共和国) における伝統医学の制度化――華僑・華人との関わりに着目して [Institutionalization of Traditional Medicine in the Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam): Focusing on the Connection to the Chinese] ・・・ 小田なら [ODA, Nara] 『イェムじゃない』―― 香港で働くインドネシア人家事労働者の「つながりの平等」による主体性 [Bukan Yem: Subjectivity of Indonesian Domestic Workers in Hong Kong Based on “Connection-Based Equality of Care”] ・・・ 澤井志保 [SAWAI, Shiho] 書評論文 [Review Articles] 東南アジア山地研究は地域研究として成り立つのか? [Upland Southeast Asia: Can It Be an Area Studies?] ・・・ 今村真央 [IMAMURA, Masao] 書評 [Book Reviews] 岡本正明.『暴力と適応の政治学――インドネシア民主化と地方政治の安定』京都大学学術出版会,2015,ix+293p. [Okamoto Masaaki. Politics of Violence and Adaptation: Democratization and Local Politics of Stabilization in Indonesia. Kyoto: Kyoto University Press, […]

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