Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 21 No 3


Published on December 31, 1983

資料・研究ノート [Notes]
Social Life in Burma in the 16th Century ・・・ Than Tun
The Chinese of Sarawak: Thirty Years of Change ・・・ 田汝康 [T’ien, Ju-K’ang]
―― 東北タイ・ドンデーン村の追跡調査(中間報告)――
[A Reconsideration of “Multihousehold Compound” in Don Daeng Village, Northeast Thailand]
・・・ 口羽益生 [Kuchiba, Masuo]
武邑尚彦 [Takemura, Takahiko]
―― 東南アジア島嶼部稲作との関連において――
[Traditional Rice Culture on Yonaguni Island: A Comparison with Rice Culture in the Southeast Asian Archipelago]
・・・ 田中耕司 [Tanaka, Koji]
東南アジアの低湿地林2: マングローブの分布[Lowland Swamp Forests in Southeast Asia 2: Distribution of Mangrove] ・・・ 山田勇 [Yamada, Isamu]
現地通信 [Field Reports]
スリランカは東南アジアである[Sri Lanka Belongs to Southeast Asia] ・・・ 古川久雄 [Furukawa, Hisao]
寄贈図書目録 [Books Received by the Library]