Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 30 No 2


Published on September 30, 1992

アルマナック・ムラユ論[A Study on Almanak Melajoe] ・・・ 土屋健治 [Tsuchiya, Kenji]

[Changes in Population and Households in a Malay Village, 1971-1991]
・・・ 坪内良博 [Tsubouchi, Yoshihiro]
Income Inequality in Thailand in the 1980s ・・・ 池本幸生 [Ikemoto, Yukio]
現地通信 [Field Reports]
フィリピンのコミュニケーション[Communication in the Philippines] ・・・ 吉原久仁夫 [Yoshihara, Kunio]
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