Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 33 No 4


Published on March 31, 1996

Transformation of Agriculture in Northeast Thailand

Preface ・・・ 福井捷朗 [Fukui, Hayao]
Spread of Direct Seeded Lowland Rice in Northeast Thailand : Farmers’ Adaptation to Economic Growth ・・・ Konchan, Somkiat
河野泰之 [Kono, Yasuyuki]
Recent Expansion of Nonglutinous Rice Cultivation in Northeast Thailand : Intraregional Variation ・・・ 宮川修一 [Miyagawa, Shuichi]
Nutrient Balance in the Paddy Field of Northeast Thailand ・・・ 中村乾 [Nakamura, Ken]
間藤徹 [Matoh, Toru]
Development of Commercial Cultivation of Field Crops in Thailand : A Case Study in Saraburi and Lopburi Provinces ・・・ 柳沢雅之 [Yanagisawa, Masayuki]
縄田栄治 [Nawata, Eiji]
When Does a Farmer Sell Rice? : A Case Study in a Village in Yasothon Province, Northeast Thailand ・・・ 中田義昭 [Nakada, Yoshiaki]
Farming by the Older Generation : The Exodus of Young Labor in Yasothon Province, Thailand ・・・ 舟橋和夫 [Funahashi, Kazuo]
Expansion of Cottage Industry in Northeast Thailand : The Case of Triangular Pillows in Yasothon Province ・・・ 池本幸生 [Ikemoto, Yukio]
Mapping the Village Database : The Spread of Economic Growth to Rural Areas of Northeast Thailand ・・・ 永田好克 [Nagata, Yoshikatsu]
Expansion of Arable Land and Its Cessation : The Case of Northeast Thailand ・・・ 福井捷朗 [Fukui, Hayao]
書評 [Book Reviews]
Takashi Tomosugi. Changing Features of a Rice-Growing Village in Central Thailand : A Fixed-Point Study from 1967 to 1993.Tokyo : The Center for East Asian Cultural Studies for Unesco, The Toyo Bunko, 1995, 124p ・・・ 吉原久仁夫 [Yoshihara, Kunio]