Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 34 No 3


Published on December 31, 1996

Mediating Identities in a Changing Malaysia

Acknowledgments ・・・ Zawawi Ibrahim
An Introduction ・・・ Zawawi Ibrahim
Debating about Identity in Malaysia : A Discourse Analysis ・・・ Shamsul, A. B.
Chinese Responses to Malay Hegemony in Peninsular Malaysia 1957-96 ・・・ Heng, Pek Koon
Social Transformation, the State and the Middle Classes in Post-Independence Malaysia ・・・ Abdul Rahman, Embong
A Chew of Sugarcane : Ahmad Kotot’s Hikayat percintaan kasih kemudaan ・・・ Maier, Hendrik M. J.
The Making of a Subaltern Discourse in the Malaysian Nation-State : New Subjectivities and the Poetics of Orang Asli Dispossession and Identity ・・・ Zawawi Ibrahim
書評 [Book Reviews]
Peter A. Jackson. Dear Uncle Go : Male Homosexuality in Thailand. Bangkok : Bua Luang Books, 1995, 310p ・・・ 大谷幸三 [Ohtani, Kozo]
Anthony Reid. ed. Sojourners and Settlers : Histories of Southeast Asia and the Chinese. St. Leonards : Allen & Unwin, 1996, xxx+232p ・・・ 貞好康志 [Sadayoshi, Yasushi]