Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 38 No 4


Published on March 31, 2001

Higher Education Reform in Thailand ・・・ Nitungkorn, Sukanya
Only Yesterday in Jakarta : Property Boom and Consumptive Trends in the Late New Order Metropolitan City ・・・ 新井健一郎 [Arai, Kenichiro]

[Organizational Involution in Rural Java : A Characteristic of “Village Development” under the New Order]
・・・ 島上宗子 [Shimagami, Motoko]

[The Adaptive Process of the Badjaos in Davao City : Economic Well-Being and Ethnic Identity]
・・・ 青山和佳 [Aoyama, Waka]
南機関小稿[An Essay on Minami Kikan] ・・・ 武島良成 [Takeshima, Yoshinari]
書評 [Book Reviews]
Jerome Rousseau. Kayan Religion: Ritual Life and Religious Reform in Central Borneo. KITLV Press, 1998, 352p. ・・・ 井上真 [Inoue, Makoto]
現地通信 [Field Reports]
ラオスではなぜ植物油が利用されないのか[Why Is So Little Edible Plant-oil Used in Lao Cooking?] ・・・ 田中耕司 [Tanaka, Koji]