Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 41 No 4

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Published on March 31, 2004

Sustainable Agro-resources Management in the Mountainous Region of Mainland Southeast Asia

Preface ・・・ 河野泰之 [Kono, Yasuyuki]
Rambo, A. Terry
Use of Natural Biological Resources and Their Roles in Household Food Security in Northwest Laos ・・・ 山田健一郎 [Yamada, Kenichiro]
柳澤雅之 [Yanagisawa, Masayuki]
河野泰之 [Kono, Yasuyuki]
縄田栄治 [Nawata, Eiji]
From Forest to Farmfields: Changes in Land Use in Undulating Terrain of Northeast Thailand at Different Scales during the Past Century ・・・ Vityakon, Patma
Subhadhira, Sukaesinee
Limpinuntana, Viriya
Srila, Somjai
Trelo-ges, Vidhaya
Sriboonlue, Vichai
Nutrient Balances and the Sustainability of Sugarcane Fields in a Mini -Watershed Agroecosystem of Northeast Thailand ・・・ Trelo-ges, Vidhaya
Limpinuntana, Viriya
Patanothai, Aran
A Nutrient Balance Analysis of the Sustainability of a Composite Swiddening Agroecosystem in Vietnam’s Northern Mountain Region ・・・ Tran, Duc Vien
Nguyen, Van Dung
Pham, Tien Dung
Nguyen, Thanh Lam
Impact of Agricultural Practices on Slope Land Soil Properties of the Mountainous Region of Northern Vietnam: A Case Study in Bac Ha District, Lao Cai Province ・・・ 櫻井克年 [Sakurai, Katsutoshi]
河津日和佐 [Kawazu, Hiwasa]
河野泰之 [Kono, Yasuyuki]
柳澤雅之 [Yanagisawa, Masayuki]
Le, Van Tiem
Le, Quoc Thanh
Dangthaisong, Nittaya
Trinh, Ngoc Chau
Soil Fertility and Farming Systems in a Slash and Burn Cultivation Area of Northern Laos ・・・ 渡邊悦子 [Watanabe, Etsuko]
櫻井克年 [Sakurai, Katsutoshi]
岡林勇航 [Okabayashi, Yukoh]
Nouanthasing, Lasay
Chanphengxay, Alounsawat
Intensification of Shifting Cultivation by the Use of Viny Legumes in Northern Thailand ・・・ Ongprasert, Somchai
Prinz, Klaus
Some Key Issues Relating to Sustainable Agro-resources Management in the Mountainous Region of Mainland Southeast Asia ・・・ 河野泰之 [Kono, Yasuyuki]
Rambo, A. Terry
書評 [Book Reviews]
植木真理子著『経営技術の国際移転と人材育成――日タイ合弁自動車企業の実証分析』 文真堂, 2002, 185p.
[Ueki Mariko. International Transfer of Managerial Skills and Human Resources Development: Empirical Study of Japanese &Thai Automotive Joint Companies.Bunshindo, 2002, 185p.]
・・・ 辻井洋行 [Tsujii, Hiroyuki]