Southeast Asian Studies Vol.49 No.4

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Published on March 31, 2012

International Migration of Southeast Asian Nurses and Care Workers to Japan
under Economic Partnership Agreements

Southeast Asian Nurses and Caregiving Workers Transcending the National Boundaries: An Overview of Indonesian and Filipino Workers in Japan and Abroad ・・・ 大野 俊 [OHNO, Shun]
Globalization of Care and the Context of Reception of Southeast Asian Care Workers in Japan ・・・ 小川玲子 [OGAWA, Reiko]
A Comparative Study of Filipino and Indonesian Candidates for Registered Nurse and Certified Care Worker Coming to Japan under Economic Partnership Agreements: An Analysis of the Results of Questionnaire Surveys on the Socioeconomic Attribution of the Respondents and Their Motivation to Work in Japan ・・・ 平野裕子 [HIRANO, O. Yuko]
小川玲子[OGAWA, Reiko]
大野 俊 [OHNO, Shun]
To Stay or Not to Stay: Diverse and Conflicting Interactions between Indonesian Nurses’ Socio-Cultural Backgrounds and Their Work Environment ・・・ Bachtiar ALAM
Indonesian Nurses’ Challenges for Passing the National Board Examination for Registered Nurse in Japanese: Suggestions for Solutions ・・・ SETYOWATI
大野 俊 [OHNO, Shun]
平野裕子 [HIRANO, O. Yuko]
Krisna YETTI
Exploring Learning Problems of Filipino Nurse Candidates Working in Japan: Based on the Results of a Practice National Board Examination of Japan Given in English ・・・ 川口貞親 [KAWAGUCHI, Yoshichika]
平野裕子[HIRANO, O. Yuko]
小川玲子 [OGAWA, Reiko]
大野 俊 [OHNO, Shun]
Nurses from Abroad and the Formation of a Dual Labor Market in Japan ・・・ 安里和晃 [ASATO, Wako]