Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 15 No 3


Published on December 31, 1977

本岡武教授退官記念号[Commemorative Volume for Professor Takeshi Motooka’s Retirement]

Rice Economy and Rice Policy in South Vietnam up to 1974 : An Economic and Statistical Analysis ・・・ 辻井博 [Tsujii, Hiroshi]
稲作経営における収益性要因の比較分析 : メコン・デルタ, チャオプラヤ河流域とわが国(滋賀県)の農業経営調査結果より
[A Comparative Analysis of Factors Affecting Profitability in Farming: Review of Performance and Estimate of Elasticities in Production from Farm Management Data in the Mekong Delta, the Chao Phraya Basin, and Shiga Prefecture ]
・・・ 西村博行 [Nishimura, Hiroyuki]
堤林数衛の精神的「回心」 : 「南方関与」の近代的類型
[Japan’s Involvement with Southeast Asia in the Period before World War II: Kazue Tsutsumibayashi ]
・・・ 矢野暢 [Yano, Toru]
東南アジア社会の原像 : その文化人類学的考察
[A Note on the Basic Structure of South-East Asian Society ]
・・・ 飯島茂 [Iijima, Shigeru]
タイ国における「イスラームの擁護 」についての覚え書
[A Note on the ‘Protection’ of Islam in Thailand ]
・・・ 石井米雄 [Ishii, Yoneo]
[Continuity and Discontinuity in the Community of Padang Lalang ]
・・・ 口羽益生 [Kuchiba, Masuo]
[Indonesian Workers in Japanese-Indonesian Joint Venture Factories ]
・・・ 坪内良博 [Tsubouchi, Yoshihiro]
Comparative Analysis of Rural Development : Rice-Growing Villages in Thailand and Malaysia ・・・ 水野浩一 [Mizuno, Koichi]
[A Glottochronological Study of Tai-Kadai ]
・・・ 三谷恭之 [Mitani, Yasuyuki]
[Floristic Comparison between Taiwan and the Philippines, with Special Attention to the Distribution of the Pteridophytes ]
・・・ 岩槻邦男 [Iwatsuki, Kunio]
Rice Growing Societies of Asia : An Ecological Approach ・・・ 高谷好一 [Takaya, Yoshikazu]
[Edible Legumes in Indonesia]
・・・ 佐藤孝 [Sato, Takashi]
Farming Operations and Labor Requirement for Paddy Cultivation in Sarawak, East Malaysia ・・・ 法貴誠 [Hoki, Makoto]
[Professor Takeshi Motooka and the Founding of the Center for Southeast Asian Studies ]
・・・ 奥田東 [Okuda, Azuma]
本岡武教授業績目録[List of Publications by Professor Takeshi Motooka]
[Personal History of Professor Takeshi Motooka]