Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 17 No 1


Published on June 30, 1979

論文 [Articles]
らく田問題の整理 : 古代紅河デルタ開拓試論

[A Preliminary Essay on the Reclamation in the Ancient Red River Delta]

・・・ 桜井由躬雄 [Sakurai, Yumio]
Effects of Some Management Proxies and Sociological Factors on Productivity of Rubber Smallholdings in Malaysia ・・・ Sepien, Abdullah bin

[Chu Nom, the Former Vietnamese Demotic Script : Its Structure and Origin]

・・・ 冨田健次 [Tomita, Kenji]
資料・研究ノート [Notes]

[An Outline of the History of the Origin, Development and Research on the Dhammathats : Customary Law Texts in the Kingdoms of Burma]

・・・ 奥平龍二 [Okuhira, Ryuji]
Historical and Problem Analysis of Southeast Asian Mass Communication Research ・・・ Lent, John A.
A Note on the Indonesian Earthquake and Tsunami of 19 August 1977 ・・・ 中村重久 [Nakamura, Shigehisa]
現地通信 [Field Reports]

[The 2nd Tropical Agriculture Seminar Opens in Kyoto]

・・・ 海田能宏 [Kaida, Yoshihiro]

[On the World Meteorological Conference]

・・・ 福井捷朗 [Fukui, Hayao]