Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 26 No 1


Published on June 30, 1988

論文 [Articles]
Dutch-Japanese Competition in the Shipping Trade on the Java-Japan Route in the Inter-war Period ・・・ 清水洋 [Shimizu, Hiroshi]
The Problems of Secondary Education Expansion in Thailand ・・・ Nitungkorn, Sukanya
資料・研究ノート [Notes]
Physical Fitness of Thai Children and Their Environment ・・・ 八木保 [Yagi, Tamotsu]
伊藤稔 [Itoh, Minoru]
西ジャワ ・ スンダ農村婦人の出産後の無月経期間
[The Duration of Postpartum Amenorrhea in a Sundanese Village]
・・・ 高坂宏一 [Takasaka, Kouichi]
[Traditional Rice Cultivation on Lombok]
・・・ アリス・ポニマン [Poniman, Aris]
高谷好一 [Takaya, Yoshikazu]
[On Estimated Acoustic Tsunami Precursor Caused by Earthquake Undersea off the Indonesian Coast and Its Application]
・・・ 中村重久 [Nakamura, Shigehisa]
書評論文 [Review Articles]
The Nature of Land and Labour Endowments to Sasana in Medieval Burmese History: Review of the Theory of “Merit-path-to-salvation” ・・・ Aye Chan
書評 [Book Reviews]
Shamsul A.B. From British to Bumiputera Rule : Local Polities and Rural Development in Peninsular Malaysia. Singapore : Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 1986, 282p. ・・・ 加藤剛 [Kato, Tsuyoshi]
Cecil Barraud. Tanebar-Evav: une societe de maisons tournee vers le large. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1979, 283p. ・・・ 中川敏 [Nakagawa, Satoshi]
現地通信 [Field Reports]
[From the Village in the Haor, Bangladesh]
・・・ 内田晴夫 [Uchida, Haruo]
寄贈図書目録 [Books Received by the Library]