Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 26 No 2


Published on September 30, 1988

Socio-Economic Change and Cultural Transformation in Rural Malaysia
――A Preliminary Research Report――

Editors’ Introduction ・・・ 加藤剛 [Kato, Tsuyoshi]
Shamsul A.B.
Agricultural Rituals and Rice Cultivation in Negeri Sembilan : A Reconstruction from Oral History ・・・ 加藤剛 [Kato, Tsuyoshi]
Women, Land and Gender Relations in Negerii Sembilan : Some Preliminary Findings ・・・ Azizah Kassim
Some Observations on Adat and Adat Leadership in Rembau, Negeri Sembilan ・・・ Norhalim Hj. Ibrahim
A Note on Frontier Settlements in Johor ・・・ 前田成文 [Maeda, Narifumi]
A Preliminary Report on the Javanese in Selangoor, Malaysia ・・・ 関本照夫 [Sekimoto, Teruo]
Economic Change and Social Stratification in Kampung Sungai Limau, Selangor, Malaysia ・・・ Mohamed Salleh Lamry
The New Economic Policy and the Muda Irrigation Scheme : Research Agenda for Kampung Kubang Jawi ・・・ Ramli Mohamed
Development and Change in Rural Malaysia: The Role of the Village Development Committee ・・・ Shamsul A.B.
書評 [Book Reviews]
Kenneth R. Hall. Maritime Trade and State Development in Early Southeast Asia. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 1985, 368p. ・・・ 高谷好一 [Takaya, Yoshikazu]
Gerald G. Marten, ed. Traditional Agriculture in Southeast Asia : A Human Ecology Perspective. Boulder and London : Westview Press, 1986, 358p ・・・ 河野泰之 [Kono, Yasuyuki]
Khin Yi. The Dobama Movement in Burma(1930-1938). Ithaca, New York: Southeast Asia Program, Cornell University, 1988, 140p. ・・・ 根本敬 [Nemoto, Kei]
現地通信 [Field Reports]
[Materials on the Second World War in the National Archives Division of Thailand]
・・・ 吉川利治 [Yoshikawa, Toshiharu]
寄贈図書目録 [Books Received by the Library]