Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 32 No 2


Published on September 30, 1994

The Emergence of Abandoned Paddy Fields in Negeri Sembilan,Malaysia ・・・ 加藤剛 [Kato, Tsuyoshi]
Pioneer Settlers and State Control : A Javanese Migrant Community in Selangor, Malaysia ・・・ 関本照夫 [Sekimoto, Teruo]
Coping with the Currents of Change : A Frontier Bugis Settlement in Johor, Malaysia ・・・ 立本成文 [Tachimoto, Narifumi Maeda]
北タイ山地における仏教布教プロジェクト : あるカレン族村落群の事例
[Buddhist Missionary Project in the Hills of Northern Thailand : A Case Study from a Cluster of Karen Villages]
・・・ 速水洋子 [Hayami, Yoko]
現地通信 [Field Reports]
マンダール人, インドネシア人, 中国人, 日本人[Mandarese, Indonesians, Chinese and Japanese] ・・・ 古川久雄 [Furukawa, Hisao]