Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 37 No 1


Published on June 30, 1999

Social Control and Bird’s Nest Harvesting among the Idahan: A Preliminary Observation ・・・ Ismail, Mohamed Yusoff
Zaibatsu Development in the Philippines: The Ayala Model ・・・ Batalla, Eric Vincent C.
Analysis of Stability of Rainfed Rice Cultivation in Northeast Thailand ・・・ 鈴木研二 [Suzuki, Kenji]
後藤章 [Goto, Akira]
水谷正一 [Mizutani, Masakazu]
Sriboonlue, Vichai
人々のための公共地――タイにおけるコミュニティー林の制度的基礎――[Public Land for People: Institutional Foundation of Community Forestry in Thailand] ・・・ 佐藤仁 [Sato, Jin]
英領期上ビルマにおける地租制度の導入とその改変――タタメダ税,ヤシ税の導入を中心に――[The “Land Revenue” of Upper Burma in the Colonial Piriod: Focusing on the Introduction of the Thathameda Tax and the Tree Revenue] ・・・ 水野明日香 [Mizuno, Asuka]
書評 [Book Reviews]
Toshiro Matsuda; and Akimi Fujimoto, eds. Commercial Farming in Thailand : A Study of Sustainable Agricultural Development in Three Regions. Tokyo : World Planning, 1998, 363p. ・・・ 河野泰之 [Kono, Yasuyuki]
Helen Creese. Parthayana: The Journeying of Partha, an Eighteenth-century Balinese Kakawin. Leiden: KITLV Press, 1998, 504p. ・・・ 青山亨 [Aoyama, Toru]
現地通信 [Field Reports]
ラオス, カンボジア, ミャンマー経済の印象[The Impressions of the Cambodian, Myanmar and Lao Economies] ・・・ 吉原久仁夫 [Yoshihara, Kunio]