Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 39 No 4


Published on March 31, 2002

[The Mechanism of Economic Development in Southeast Asia : What Do We Know?]
・・・ 吉原久仁夫 [Yoshihara, Kunio]
[Road Improvement after the Constitutional Revolution in Thailand, 1932-1941 : Establishment of the First Road Construction Program]
・・・ 柿崎一郎 [Kakizaki, Ichiro]
State Formation in Comparative Perspectives
Preface ・・・ 白石隆 [Shiraishi, Takashi]
Introduction ・・・ Abinales, Patricio N.
State Formation in the Shadow of the Raj: Violence, Warfare and Politics in Colonial Burma ・・・ Callahan, Mary P.
State Building and Repression in Authoritarian Onset ・・・ Boudreau, Vincent G.
Modeling the State : Postcolonial Constituitions in Asia and Africa ・・・ Go, Julian
Armed Rebellion in Collapsed States ・・・ Reno, William
American Rule and the Formation of Filipino “Colonial Nationalism” ・・・ Abinales, Patricio N.

書評 [Book Reviews]
Dang Nghiem Van. Ethnological and Religious Problems in Vietnam. Hanoi: Social Sciences Publishing House, 1998, 534p. ・・・ Rambo, A. Terry
Michael L. Ross. Timber Booms and Institutional Breakdown in Southeast Asia. Cambridge University Press, 2001, xvi+237p. ・・・ 葉山アツコ [Hayama, Atsuko]
現地通信 [Field Reports]
京都便り[Global Area Studies News from Kyoto] ・・・ 立本成文 [Tachimoto, Narifumi Maeda]