Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 42 No 3


Published on December 31, 2004

The Evolutionary Changes in Rice-crop Farming: Integrated Pest Management in Indonesia, Cambodia, and Vietnam ・・・ Winarto, Yunita T.
Recent Changes in the Composite Swidden Farming System of a Da Bac Tay Ethnic Minority Community in Vietnam’s Northern Mountain Region ・・・ Nguyen, Thanh Lam
Patanothai, Aran
Rambo, A. Terry.
[Socioecological Transformation Triggered by National Rubber Plantations in Yunnan, China: The Impact of Han-Chinese Immigration into Xishuangbanna since the 1950s]
・・・ 深尾葉子 [Fukao, Yoko]
[Abandoned People: An Epidemiological and Demographic Profile of Demobilized Cambodian Soldiers]
・・・ 東佳史 [Azuma, Yoshifumi]
[Hunting and Gathering Activities and Public Forests : The Case of Rainfed Rice-cultivating Villages in Roi Et, Northeastern Thailand]
・・・ 芝原真紀 [Shibahara, Maki]
書評 [Book Reviews]
Peter Burns. The Leiden Legacy : Concepts of Law in Indonesia. Leiden: KITLV Press, 2004, 307p. ・・・ 新地真之 [Shinchi, Masayuki]
現地通信 [Field Reports]
[The Emergence of Village Savings and Credit Unions in Laos]
・・・ 藤田幸一 [Fujita, Koichi]
[Reading Promotion Programs as a Potential Model for Information Sharing in Indonesia]
・・・ 北村由美 [Kitamura, Yumi]