Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 44 No 3

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Published on December 31, 2006

Redefining “Otherness” from Northern Thailand

Introduction: Notes Towards Debating Multiculturalism in Thailand and Beyond ・・・ 速水洋子 [Hayami, Yoko]
Creating the Other Requires Defining Thainess against Which the Other Can Exist: Early-Twentieth Century Definitions ・・・ Renard, Ronald D.
Changing Meaning of the Elderly in Nan Province, Northern Thailand: From “Khon Thao Khon Kae” to “Phu Sung Ayu” ・・・ 馬場雄司 [Baba, Yuji]
Hui Yunnanese Migratory History in Relation to the Han Yunnanese and Ethnic Resurgence in Northern Thailand ・・・ 王柳蘭 [Wang, Liulan]
The Rise and Fall of the Tribal Research Institute (TRI): “Hill Tribe” Policy and Studies in Thailand ・・・ Buadaeng, Kwanchewan
Negotiating Ethnic Representation between Self and Other: The Case of Karen and Eco-tourism in Thailand ・・・ 速水洋子 [Hayami, Yoko]
書評 [Book Reviews]
Interface of the Local and Global: Reframing Understanding of the Hmong–Nicholas Tapp. The Hmong of China: Context, Agency and the Imaginary, 2003.;Nicholas Tapp, Jean Michaud, Christian Culas and Gary Yia Lee, eds. Hmong/Miao in Asia, 2004.;Lilao Bouapao. Rural Development in Lao PDR: Managing Projects for Integrated Sustainable Livelihoods, 2005. ・・・ Badenoch, Nathan
Karel Steenbrink. Catholics in Indonesia: A Documented History,1808-1942, Volume 1: A Modest Recovery, 1808-1903, 2003. ・・・ Abalahin, Andrew L.
青山和佳著『貧困の民族誌:フィリピン・ダバオ市のサマの生活』2006[Aoyama Waka. An Ethnography of Poverty: Socioeconomic Life of Five Sama] ・・・ 石井正子 [Ishii, Masako]
現地通信 [Field Reports]
「伝える人」になるために:ラオス地方文書探索の旅から[Becoming a “Transmitter”: In Search of Local Historical Documents in Laos] ・・・ 増原善之 [Masuhara, Yoshiyuki]