Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 44 No 2


Published on September 30, 2006

[The Meaning of “Sago Palm Ownership”: A Monograph on the Sago Eater in a Highland Community in Seram, Eastern Indonesia]
・・・ 笹岡正俊 [Sasaoka, Masatoshi]
―― 『NIROM の声』が描く音楽文化――
[Soeara NIROM and Musical Culture in Colonial Indonesia]
・・・ 田子内進 [Takonai, Susumu]
―― シンガポール・香港・珠江デルタを例に――
[Connection Mechanisms for Chinese Remittances: From Singapore to the Pearl River Delta via Hong Kong]
・・・ 久末亮一 [Hisasue, Ryoichi]
[The Inverse Relationship in Agriculture in Viet Nam: Farm Size and Employment in the Mekong River Delta]
・・・ 高橋塁 [Takahashi, Rui]
Assessment of People’s Views of Thailand’s Universal Coverage (UC): A Field Survey in Thangkwang Subdistrict, Khonkaen ・・・ Chamchan, Chalermpol
水野広祐 [Mizuno, Kosuke]
書評 [Book Reviews]
Guy Trebuil; and Mahabub Hossain. Le riz: Enjeux ecologiques et economiques [Rice: Ecological and Economic Challenges]. Paris: Belin, 2004, 265p. ・・・ Rambo, A. Terry
Keith Foulcher; and Tony Day, eds. Clearing a Space: Postcolonial Readings of Modern Indonesian Literature. Leiden: KITLV Press, 2002, viii + 381p. ・・・ Guillermo, Ramon
Hjorleifur Jonsson. Mien Relations: Mountain People and State Control in Thailand. Ithaca and London: Cornell University Press, 2005, xiv + 198p. ・・・ 片岡樹 [Kataoka, Tatsuki]
現地通信 [Field Reports]
[There and Back Again]
・・・ 水谷康弘 [Mizutani, Yasuhiro]