Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 45 No 4


Published on March 31, 2008

[The Balinese Calendar:
The Lunisolar System and Historical Change]
・・・ 五十嵐忠孝
[IGARASHI, Tadataka]
[Present Aspects of Islamic Resurgence in a Muslim Village in Southern Thailand:A Case Analysis of the Reactions of Villagers to Development and “Equality”]
・・・ 小河久志 [OGAWA, Hisashi]
Area Study Prior to Companion Modelling to Integrate Multiple Interests in Upper Watershed Management of Northern Thailand ・・・ Barnaud, Cecile
Trebuil, Guy
Dumrongrojwatthana, Pongchai
Marie, Jerome
Space of Resistance and Place of Local Knowledge in Karen Ecological Movement of Northern Thailand:The Case of Pgaz K’Nyau Villages in Mae Lan Kham River Basin ・・・ Trakansuphakorn, Prasert
Early Years of Serikat Buruh Kereta Api (Railway Workers Union, SBKA): Formation and Orientation ・・・ Suryomenggolo, Jafar
書評 [Book Reviews]
[Hiroyuki Yamamoto. Decolonization and Nationalism: The Creation of Nations in British North Borneo]
・・・ 原不二夫 [Hara, Fujio]
Vladimir Braginsky. The Heritage of Traditional Malay Literature.2004 ・・・ Tagliacozzo, Eric