Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 46 No 1


Published on June 30, 2008

[The Bronze Drums of Northern Vietnam Seen from the Perspectives of Ethnohistory]
・・・ 西村昌也 [Nishimura, Masanori]
[The Financial Organization of the Le-Trinh Government in Eighteenth Century Vietnam:
An Examination of “Luc Phien” in the Princely Court of Trinh]
・・・ 上田新也 [Ueda, Shinya]
[Authority of the Governor and the Provincial Party in the Central-Local Relations in Lao P.D.R.:
A Case Study of the ProjectMaking Process in Vientiane Province Industry Office]
・・・ 瀬戸裕之 [Seto, Hiroyuki]
[The Evolution and Expansion of Muslim Communities in Metro Manila]
・・・ 渡邉暁子 [Watanabe, Akiko]
Participatory Management Structure of Large-Scale People’s Irrigation System: The Case of the Soprong Muang Fai System, Northern Thailand ・・・ Ounvichit, Tassanee
Wattayu, Supat
佐藤政良 [Satoh, Masayoshi]
書評 [Book Reviews]
Vicente L. Rafael. The Promise of the Foreign: Nationalism and the Technics of Translation in the Spanish Philippines. 2005 ・・・ Hau, Caroline S.
Mark Bray; and Seng Bunly. Balancing the Books: Household Financing of Basic Education in Cambodia. CERC Monograph Series No.4. 2005. ・・・ Srisa-ard, Surithong
関 恒樹著『海域世界の民族誌–フィリピン島嶼部における移動・生業・アイデンティティ』世界思想社,2007,iv+364p.[ Seki Koki. An Ethnography of the Visayan Fishers: Livelihood Strategy, Migration, and Identity in the Philippine Maritime Communities. Sekaishisosha,2007,iv+364p.] ・・・ 細田尚美 [Hosoda, Naomi]
現地通信 [Field Reports]
デモから半年たったヤンゴン[Yangon a Half Year after the Demo] ・・・ 中西嘉宏 [Nakanishi, Yoshihiro]