Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 46 No 3


Published on December 31, 2008

Rainfed Revolution in Northeast Thailand ・・・ GRANDSTAFF, Terry B.
GRANDSTAFF, Somluckrat
社会文化的意味 ――

[Wildlife Use and Fulfillment of Life: Socio-cultural Meanings of the Subsistence Use of Game Animals in a Mountain Village of Seram Island, Eastern Indonesia]
・・・ 笹岡正俊 [SASAOKA, Masatoshi]
――「二重公共圏」における「市民」と「大衆」の道徳的対立 ――
[Aporia in Philippine Civil Society:The Moral Conflict between “Citizens” and “Masses” in the “Dual Public Sphere]
・・・ 日下渉 [KUSAKA, Wataru]
――論争の展開にみる政治的・社会的構図 ――
[The Socio-political Process of the Community Forest Bill Controversy in Thailand]
・・・ 藤田渡 [FUJITA, Wataru]
書評 [Book Reviews]
寺西重郎・福田慎一・奥田英信・三重野文晴編.『アジアの経済発展と金融システム ――東南アジア編』2008
[Teranishi Juro, Fukuda Shin-ichi, Okuda Hidenobu and Mieno Fumiharu, eds. Economic Development and Financial System in Asia. Vol. II Southeast Asia. 2008.]
・・・ 高阪章 [KOSAKA, Akira]
Mikael Gravers, ed. Exploring Ethnic Diversity in Burma. 2007. ・・・ 速水洋子 [HAYAMI, Yoko]
R. A. Cramb. Land and Longhouse: Agricultural Transformation in the Uplands of Sarawak. 2007 ・・・ DE JONG, Wil
Anders Poulsen. Childbirth and Tradition in Northeast Thailand:Forty Years of Development and Cultural Change ・・・ 木曽恵子 [KISO, Keiko]