Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 46 No 4


Published on March 31, 2009

<特集>地域情報学 ――地域研究と情報学の新たな地平 ――
[Development of Area Informatics: A NewParadigm in Area Studies]

序論  [Introduction] ・・・ 柴山守 [Shibayama, Mamoru]
Hanoi’s Urban Transformation in the 19th and 20th Centuries:
An Area Informatics Approach
・・・ 柴山守 [Shibayama, Mamoru]
3D Topographical Analysis of Hanoi, Vietnam ・・・ 米澤剛 [Yonezawa, Go]
Studies on Hanoi Urban Transition in the Late 20th Century Based on GIS/RS ・・・ Ho Dinh Duan
柴山守 [Shibayama, Mamoru]
Application of Geo-Informatics to the Study of the Royal Road from Angkor to Phimai ・・・ Lertlum, Surat
柴山守 [Shibayama, Mamoru]
――東北タイにおける稲作変化の軌跡 ――
[Two Perspectives on Changes in Rice Cultivation in Northeast Thailand: Field Survey and Area Informatics]
・・・ 星川圭介 [Hoshikwa, Keisuke]
[Land Cover Classication Based on Image Objects for High Resolution Satellite Image]
・・・ 越智士郎 [Ochi, Shiro]
――時間解析ツールHuTime の有効性の検証 ――
[An Experimental Information Analysis Based on Temporal Data:Water-level Fluctuation in Lake Biwa, Japan]
・・・ 関野樹 [Sekino, Tatsuki]
[Studies on Resource Sharing System and Metadata for Area Studies]
・・・ 原正一郎 [Hara, Shoichiro]

[Climate Change and Infectious Diseases:Crossover between Medical Research and Area Informatics]
・・・ 西渕光昭 [Nishibuchi, Mitsuaki]