Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 47 No 1


Published on June 30, 2009

Rural Credit and Community Relationships in a Northern Vietnamese Village ・・・ 岡江恭史 [Okae, Takashi]
The Politics of National Identity in West Malaysia: Continued Mutation
or Critical Transition?
・・・ TING, Helen
Filipino Refugees in Sabah: State Responses, Public Stereotypes and the
Dilemma Over Their Future
“Making of Community” in a Commercialized Community in Northern Thailand ・・・ RAKYUTIDHARM, Atchara
書評 [Book Reviews]
小林寧子著『インドネシア展開するイスラーム』2008年[Yasuko Kobayashi. Islam in Indonesia: Localization and Revitalization of a Global Religion] ・・・ 見市建 [MIICHI, Ken]
Teri Shaffer Yamada. Modern Short Fiction of Southeast Asia: A Literary History. 2009 ・・・ RENARD, Ronald D.
Ko-lin Chin. The Golden Triangle Inside Southeast Asia’s Drug Trade. 2009 ・・・ RENARD, Ronald D.
現地通信 [Field Reports]
南の島の小さな喜び–キルト作りをとおした内発的発展[Joy in Quilt-Making at Caohangan Island, Philippines] ・・・ 清水展 [SHIMIZU, Hiromu]