Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 47 No 2


Published on September 30, 2009

War’s Ontogeny:Militias and Ethnic Boundaries in Laos and Exile ・・・ JONSSON, Hjorleifur
Decentralization, Empowerment and Tourism Development:Pai Town in Mae Hong
Son, Thailand
・・・ LORTANAVANIT, Duangjai
カンボジア農村における子の世帯間移動の互助機能[The Function of Mutual Assistance through Children’s Inter-household Mobility
in Rural Cambodia]
・・・ 佐藤奈穂 [SATO, Nao]
1930 年代の在日フィリピン人留学生と国際関係-日本帝国によるソフト・パワー政策の一断面-[Filipino Students in Japan and International Relations in the 1930s:An
Aspect of Soft Power Policies in Imperial Japan]
・・・ 木下昭 [KINOSHITA, Akira]
書評 [Book Reviews]
Grace Barretto-Tesoro. Identity and Reciprocity in 15th Century Philippines. British Archaeological Reports International Series 1813. Oxford: John and Erica Hedges Ltd., 2008. ・・・ PALUGA, Myfel Joseph
林 行夫(編).『〈境域〉の実践宗教-大陸部東南アジア地域と宗教のトポロジー』地域研究叢書19[Hayashi Yukio, ed. Practical Religions: Topologies of Religion within Mainland Southeast Asia. Chiiki Kenkyu Sosho 19.] ・・・ 山田孝子 [YAMADA, Takako]
現地通信 [Field Reports]
人を舐める犬の出現-インドネシア・中部フローレスにおける犬-人関係の変化-[The Appearance of Pet Dogs: The Transformation of Human-Canine Relations in Central Flores, Indonesia] ・・・ 杉島敬志 [SUGISHIMA, Takashi]