Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 47 No 3

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Published on December 31, 2009

Land Use Changes in the Uplands of Southeast Asia:Proximate and Distant Causes

Introduction ・・・ LEISZ, Stephen J.
河野泰之 [KONO, Yasuyuki]
FOX, Jefferson
柳澤雅之 [YANAGISAWA, Masayuki]
RAMBO, Terry A.
Linkage of Forest Policies and Programs with Land Coverand Land Use Changes in the Northern Mountain Region of Vietnam: A Village-level Case Study ・・・ DAO Minh Truong
河野泰之 [KONO, Yasuyuki]
柳澤雅之 [YANAGISAWA, Masayuki]
LEISZ, Stephen J.
小林繁男 [KOBAYASHI, Shigeo]
Continuity and Discontinuity in Land Use Changes:A Case Study in Northern
Lao Villages
・・・ SAPHANGTHONG, Thatheva
河野泰之 [KONO, Yasuyuki]
Dynamics of Land Cover and Land Use Changes in the Upper Ca River Basin of Nghe An, Vietnam ・・・ LEISZ, Stephen J.
Understanding Changes in Land and Forest Resource Management Systems: Ratanakiri,
・・・ FOX, Jefferson
Agrarian Land Use Transformation in Northern Laos:from Swidden to Rubber ・・・ THONGMANIVONG, Sithong
藤田弥生 [FUJITA, Yayoi]
VONGVISOUK, Thoumthone
Changing Adaptive Strategies of Two Li Ethnic Minority Villages in a Mountainous
Region of Hainan Island, China
・・・ 梅崎昌裕 [UMEZAKI, Masahiro]
JIANG, Hongwei