Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 9 No 2


Published on September 30, 1971

論文 [Articles]
パガン, ピンヤ, インワ時代のビルマ人仏教徒の呪詛

[Curses of the Buddhist Burman during Pagan, Pinya and Ava Periods]

・・・ 大野徹 [Ohno, Toru]
Contributions to the Flora of Southeast Asia V : Gramineae and Cyperaceae of Thailand ・・・ 大井次三郎 [Ohwi, Jisaburo]
Grain Loss during Hand Harvesting in the Rice Cultivation in Kedah, West Malaysia ・・・ 堀内孝次 [Horiuchi, Takatsugu]
Samy, S.J.
Phang, C.C.
資料・研究ノート [Notes]
タイ国の教育とDek Wat : バンケム村の調査を中心として

[Dek Wat and Thai Education: A Case of Tambon Ban Khem]

・・・ 綾部恒雄 [Ayabe, Tsuneo]

[The Samin Movement and Nationalism in Indonesia]

・・・ 土屋健治 [Tsuchiya, Kenji]
An Analysis of the Effect of Environmental Factors on Paddy Rice Yields: A Case Study from the Northern Region of the Greater Chao Phraya Project ・・・ 海田能宏 [Kaida, Yoshihiro]
報告 [Reports]

[A Report on the Intensive In-service Refresher Training Course in Secondary Vocational Agriculture in the Philippines]

・・・ 本岡武 [Motooka, Takeshi]
現地通信 [News from the Fields]

[Filipino Entrepreneurs]

・・・ 吉原久仁夫 [Yoshihara, Kunio]

[A Field Survey on Biodeterioration and Durability of Wood Produced in Southeast Asia]

・・・ 貴島恒夫 [Kijima, Tsuneo]
林昭三 [Hayashi, Shozo]
高橋旨象 [Takahashi, Munezo]