Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 49 No.2


Published on September 30, 2011

From Water Buffaloes to Motorcycles: The Development of Large-scale Industrial Estates and Their Socio-spatial Impact on the Surrounding Villages in Karawang Regency, West Java ・・・ ARAI Kenichiro
Rice Fermentation Starters in Cambodia: Cultural Importkance and Traditional Methods of Production ・・・ YAMAMOTO Sota
Death, Emotions, and Social Change among the Austronesian-Speaking Bunun of Taiwan ・・・ Shu-Yuan YANG
Transformation of ASEAN’s Image in the 1980s: The Cambodian Conflict and the Economic Development of ASEAN Member Countries ・・・ YUKAWA Taku
Transition of Urban Transport Policy in Bangkok, 1957-1976: Politicization of Bus Service ・・・ KAKIZAKI Ichiro
Affirmative Action for Minorities to Go to Higher Education in Vietnam Under Doi Moi : Through Analysis on Group Structures of Minority University Students ・・・ ITO Miho
【Book Reviews】
Lizzy van Leeuwen. Lost in Mall: An Ethnography of Middle-class Jakarta in the 1990s.Leiden: KITLV Press, 2011, x+299p. ・・・ Jafar SURYOMENGGOLO
Jose S. Buenconsejo. The River of Exchange: Music of Agusan Manobo and Visayan Relations in Caraga, Mindanao, Philippines
(DVD). 2008. 75 minutes, color.
・・・ TAGUCHI Motohide
Nabekura Satoshi. Ethnicity and Public Housing Estates: A Sociological Study of Multiracialism in Singapore.
Kyoto: Sekaishisosha CO., Ltd., 2011,302P.
・・・ TAMURA Keiko
Kobayashi Satoru. Reconfiguring Cambodian Rural Villages.
Kyoto University Press, 2011,528p.
Yamaguchi Hiroko. Living “True Histories”: Anthropology of History-telling Practices among the Buton in Eastern Indonesia.
Kyoto: Sekaishisosha Co., Ltd., 2011,396p.
・・・ OTA Atsushi
Inoue Sayuri. The Formation of Genre in Burmese Classical Song.
Osaka University Press, 2011, 375+11p.
・・・ IWASAWA Takako