Japanese Journal of Southeast Asian Studies Vol.51 No.1


Published on July 31, 2013

Kadu Phonology ・・・ HUZIWARA, Keisuke
A Study of Buddhist Places of Worship in Rural Cambodia: With a Special Focus on Their Differences and Formative Processes ・・・ KOBAYASHI, Satoru
Political Feuds over Collaboration and Resistance during the Japanese Occupation of Leyte, Philippines ・・・ ARA, Satoshi
The Creation of Corruption in Thailand: Legal Provisions and Criticism of Politicians ・・・ TOYAMA, Ayako
Water Privatization in the Capital City of Indonesia and Struggles over Policy: Changes and Continuities in Post-Suharto Indonesia ・・・ KAYANE, Yuka
[Review Articles on Humanosphere Lecture Series]
Vol. 1 The Tropical Humanosphere in Global History
Finding Future in Regional History:
Graduation Scenario from the Fossil Civilization
・・・ SATO, Jin
Vol. 2 The Potentiality of Geosphere and Biosphere
A Study on Nature-Human Interaction in the Field of Area Studies
・・・ YOKOYAMA, Satoshi
Vol. 5 The Humanosphere Potentiality Index
The Humanosphere Potentiality Index:
Its Implications and Challenges to It
・・・ YAMAGATA, Tatsufumi
[Book Reviews]
Morita Atsuro. Engineering in the Wild: Ethnography of Humans and Artifacts in the Thai Small Manufacturing Industry.
Kyoto: Sekaishisosha, 2012, 280p.
・・・ BABA, Toshiyuki
Sunaga Kazuhiro. Ethnography of Ecotourism: The Life-world of the Karen in Northern Thailand.
Tokyo: Shumpusha, 2012, 435p.
・・・ AYABE, Masao
Hayase Shinzo. Japanese in the Philippine Modern History: Immigrants and Imported Goods in a Colonial Society.
Tokyo: University of Tokyo Press, 2012, 312p.
・・・ TERAMI, Motoe
Suzuki Ayame. Freedom and Order in “Democracies”: Reconsidering Malaysia’s Political Regime.
Kyoto: Kyoto University Press, 2010, 304p.
・・・ IGA, Tsukasa
Robert Cribb. Digital Atlas of Indonesian History. Copenhagen: NIAS Press, 2010, DVD with 487 maps+80p. user guide. ・・・ KATO, Tsuyoshi




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