Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 14 No 4

目次 [CONTENTS] Published on March 31, 1977 論文 [Articles] Towards a History of Mon-Khmer: Proto-Semai Vowels ・・・ Diffloth, Gerard Rural Land Ownership and Development in the Malay Reservations of Peninsular Malaysia ・・・ Voon, Phin-Keong 嘉隆均田例の分析 [A Study on the Vietnamese Land Distribution Regulation of 1804] ・・・ 桜井由躬雄 [Sakurai, Yumio] The Pteridophytes of Mt Burnay and Vicinity, Northern Luzon ・・・ 岩槻邦男 [Iwatsuki, Kunio] Price, Michael G. 資料・研究ノート [Notes] 東南アジアにおける石油危機 [The Impact of “Oil Crisis” on Southeast Asia] ・・・ 安場保吉 [Yasuba, Yasukichi] North-South Alignment of Burma’s Old Walls ・・・ Than Tun 東南アジアにおける陸水の研究 [Studies of the Inlandwaters in Southeast Asia] ・・・ 水野寿彦 [Mizuno, Toshihiko]

Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 14 No 3

目次 [CONTENTS] Published on December 31, 1978 論文 [Articles] Ethnic Differences and Economic Change in a Local Malaysian Setting ・・・ Winzeler, Robert L. Paddy Soils in Tropical Asia : Part 6. Characteristics of Paddy Soils in Each Country ・・・ 川口桂三郎 [Kawaguchi, Keizaburo] 久馬一剛 [Kyuma, Kazutake] Chemical, Mineralogical and Micromorphological Properties of Glaebules in Some Tropical Lowland Soils ・・・ 古川久雄 [Furukawa, Hisao] Handawella, James 久馬一剛 [Kyuma, Kazutake] 川口桂三郎 [Kawaguchi, Keizaburo] 資料・研究ノート [Notes] 稲作経営における農業の技術・経済的知識の普及 : メコン・デルタとチャオプラヤ河, ピン河流域における比較調査 [Technical and Socio-Economic Knowledge Situation among Farmers : A Comparative Farm Management Survey in the Mekong Delta, the Chao Praya Area, and the River Ping Area] ・・・ 西村博行 [Nishimura, Hiroyuki] コミュニティ宗教におけるシンボル : 南スラウェシ省アンパリタにおける事例 [A Preliminary […]

Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 14 No 2

目次 [CONTENTS] Published on September 30, 1977 論文 [Articles] An Economic Analysis of Peasant Rice Farming in Kelantan, Malaysia ・・・ 藤本彰三 [Fujimoto, Akimi] Contributions to the Flora of Southeast Asia : VI. Additions and Corrections to the Knowledge of Labiatae in Thailand (1) ・・・ 村田源 [Murata, Gen] Forest Ecological Studies of the Montane Forest of Mt.Pangrango, West Java : III. Litter Fall of the Tropical Montane Forest near Cibodas ・・・ 山田勇 [Yamada, Isamu] 資料・研究ノート [Notes] フィリピンの政治的正当性の一考察 : 変革への試練 [A Study of Political Legitimacy in Transition : A Case of the Philippines] ・・・ 吉川洋子 [Yoshikawa, Yoko] ビルマの壁画 III : ニャウンヤン時代を中心として [Wall Paintings of Burma in the Nyaungyan Period] ・・・ 大野徹 [Ohno, […]

Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 14 No 1

目次 [CONTENTS] Published on June 30, 1976 論文 [Articles] 東南アジアの経済発展と労働市場 : 観察事実と農工間労働移動理論の誤謬 [Labour Market in South East Asian Economic Development : Faults of the Dualistic Development Model and Reality] ・・・ 鳥居泰彦 [Torii, Yasuhiko] 児童の体力差に関する分析的研究 : 日本・タイ・インドネシア児童相互間の比較 [Analytical Study on the Differences of Physical Fitness in School Children : Interrelations among Japanese, Thai and Indonesian] ・・・ 大山良徳 [Ohyama, Yoshinori] 村井淳志 [Murai, Atsushi] 松浦義行 [Matsuura, Yoshiyuki] 資料・研究ノート [Notes] タイの地租改正について [ A Note on Land Tax Reform in Thailand] ・・・ 北原淳 [Kitahara, Atsushi] タイにおける領事裁判権をめぐって : 保護民問題の所在 [ On the Consular Jurisdiction in Thailand: A Preliminary Note] ・・・ 飯島明子 [Iijima, Akiko] Vertical Zoning of Monsoon Asia by Agricultural Landuse : A Progress Report ・・・ […]