Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 47 No 2

目次 [CONTENTS] Published on September 30, 2009 War’s Ontogeny:Militias and Ethnic Boundaries in Laos and Exile ・・・ JONSSON, Hjorleifur Decentralization, Empowerment and Tourism Development:Pai Town in Mae Hong Son, Thailand ・・・ LORTANAVANIT, Duangjai カンボジア農村における子の世帯間移動の互助機能[The Function of Mutual Assistance through Children’s Inter-household Mobility in Rural Cambodia] ・・・ 佐藤奈穂 [SATO, Nao] 1930 年代の在日フィリピン人留学生と国際関係-日本帝国によるソフト・パワー政策の一断面-[Filipino Students in Japan and International Relations in the 1930s:An Aspect of Soft Power Policies in Imperial Japan] ・・・ 木下昭 [KINOSHITA, Akira] 書評 [Book Reviews] Grace Barretto-Tesoro. Identity and Reciprocity in 15th Century Philippines. British Archaeological Reports International Series 1813. Oxford: John and Erica Hedges Ltd., 2008. ・・・ PALUGA, Myfel Joseph 林 行夫(編).『〈境域〉の実践宗教-大陸部東南アジア地域と宗教のトポロジー』地域研究叢書19[Hayashi Yukio, ed. Practical Religions: Topologies of Religion […]

Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 47 No 1

目次 [CONTENTS] Published on June 30, 2009 Rural Credit and Community Relationships in a Northern Vietnamese Village ・・・ 岡江恭史 [Okae, Takashi] The Politics of National Identity in West Malaysia: Continued Mutation or Critical Transition? ・・・ TING, Helen Filipino Refugees in Sabah: State Responses, Public Stereotypes and the Dilemma Over Their Future ・・・ AZIZAH KASSIM “Making of Community” in a Commercialized Community in Northern Thailand ・・・ RAKYUTIDHARM, Atchara 書評 [Book Reviews] 小林寧子著『インドネシア展開するイスラーム』2008年[Yasuko Kobayashi. Islam in Indonesia: Localization and Revitalization of a Global Religion] ・・・ 見市建 [MIICHI, Ken] Teri Shaffer Yamada. Modern Short Fiction of Southeast Asia: A Literary History. 2009 ・・・ RENARD, Ronald D. Ko-lin Chin. The Golden Triangle Inside Southeast […]

Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 46 No 3

目次 [CONTENTS] Published on December 31, 2008 Rainfed Revolution in Northeast Thailand ・・・ GRANDSTAFF, Terry B. GRANDSTAFF, Somluckrat LIMPINUNTANA, Viriya SUPHANCHAIMAT, Nongluck 『生』を充実させる営為」としての野生動物利用 ――インドネシア東部セラム島における狩猟獣利用の 社会文化的意味 ―― [Wildlife Use and Fulfillment of Life: Socio-cultural Meanings of the Subsistence Use of Game Animals in a Mountain Village of Seram Island, Eastern Indonesia] ・・・ 笹岡正俊 [SASAOKA, Masatoshi] フィリピン市民社会の隘路 ――「二重公共圏」における「市民」と「大衆」の道徳的対立 ―― [Aporia in Philippine Civil Society:The Moral Conflict between “Citizens” and “Masses” in the “Dual Public Sphere] ・・・ 日下渉 [KUSAKA, Wataru] タイ「コミュニティ林法」の17年 ――論争の展開にみる政治的・社会的構図 ―― [The Socio-political Process of the Community Forest Bill Controversy in Thailand] ・・・ 藤田渡 [FUJITA, Wataru] 書評 [Book Reviews] 寺西重郎・福田慎一・奥田英信・三重野文晴編.『アジアの経済発展と金融システム ――東南アジア編』2008 [Teranishi Juro, Fukuda Shin-ichi, Okuda Hidenobu and Mieno Fumiharu, eds. Economic Development and Financial […]

Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 46 No 2

目次 [CONTENTS] Published on September 30, 2008 Fragments of History, Silhouettes of Resurgence: Student Radicalism in the Early Years of the Marcos Dictatorship ・・・ Patricio N. ABINALES Technological Adaptation in the Transformation of Traditional Boats in the Spermonde Archipelago, South Sulawesi ・・・ Aziz SALAM 遅沢克也 [OSOZAWA, Katsuya] タイ山地カレン村落における稲作の変容 ――若年層の都市移動との関連から―― [The Dynamics of Karen Rice Farming in Northern Thailand with Reference to the Urban Migration of Village Youths] ・・・ 田崎郁子 [Tazaki, Ikuko] 悪評をこえて ――サラワク社会と「持続的森林管理」のゆくえ―― [Wipe Away the Notoriety: “Sustainable Forest Management Policy in the Context of Sarawak Society] ・・・ 藤田渡 [Fujita, Wataru] 書評 [Book Reviews] 矢倉研二郎著 『カンボジア農村の貧困と格差拡大』2008[Yagura Kenji. Poverty and Widening Economic Disparity] ・・・ 小林知 [Kobayashi, Satoru] 現地通信 [Field Reports] Cambodian […]

Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 46 No 1

目次 [CONTENTS] Published on June 30, 2008 北部ヴェトナム銅鼓をめぐる民族史的視点からの理解 [The Bronze Drums of Northern Vietnam Seen from the Perspectives of Ethnohistory] ・・・ 西村昌也 [Nishimura, Masanori] ベトナム黎鄭政権における鄭王府の財政機構 ――18世紀の六番を中心に―― [The Financial Organization of the Le-Trinh Government in Eighteenth Century Vietnam: An Examination of “Luc Phien” in the Princely Court of Trinh] ・・・ 上田新也 [Ueda, Shinya] ラオスの中央地方関係における県知事および県党委員会の権限に関する一考察 ――ヴィエンチャン県工業局の事業形成過程を中心に―― [Authority of the Governor and the Provincial Party in the Central-Local Relations in Lao P.D.R.: A Case Study of the ProjectMaking Process in Vientiane Province Industry Office] ・・・ 瀬戸裕之 [Seto, Hiroyuki] マニラ首都圏におけるムスリム・コミュニティの形成と展開 ――コミュニティの類型化とモスクの役割を中心に―― [The Evolution and Expansion of Muslim Communities in Metro Manila] ・・・ 渡邉暁子 [Watanabe, Akiko] Participatory Management Structure of Large-Scale People’s Irrigation System: The […]

Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 45 No 4

目次 [CONTENTS] Published on March 31, 2008 バリのこよみ・考――現行太陰太陽暦が辿って来た道―― [The Balinese Calendar: The Lunisolar System and Historical Change] ・・・ 五十嵐忠孝 [IGARASHI, Tadataka] 南タイ・ムスリム村落におけるイスラーム復興の現在 ――開発と「平等性」をめぐる村人の対応―― [Present Aspects of Islamic Resurgence in a Muslim Village in Southern Thailand:A Case Analysis of the Reactions of Villagers to Development and “Equality”] ・・・ 小河久志 [OGAWA, Hisashi] Area Study Prior to Companion Modelling to Integrate Multiple Interests in Upper Watershed Management of Northern Thailand ・・・ Barnaud, Cecile Trebuil, Guy Dumrongrojwatthana, Pongchai Marie, Jerome Space of Resistance and Place of Local Knowledge in Karen Ecological Movement of Northern Thailand:The Case of Pgaz K’Nyau Villages in Mae Lan Kham River Basin ・・・ Trakansuphakorn, Prasert Early Years of Serikat Buruh […]

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