Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 25 No 4

目次 [CONTENTS] Published on March 31, 1988 西ジャワ・プリアンガン地方の健康・生態・人口 [Health, Ecology and Demography in the Priangan Highlands, West Java] スンダ農民の保健生態と生活環境 [Sickness and Death of Sundanese and Javanese Villagers: Environmental and Social Factors] ・・・ 鈴木庄亮 [Suzuki, Shosuke] 西ジャワー集落における農民の保健行動からみた公的医療機関(プスケスマス)の問題点 [Problems of a Public Health Center(puskesmas)in Rural Indonesia: A Study of Health Behavior of Farmers in West Java] ・・・ 小山洋 [Koyama, Hiroshi] インドネシア西ジャワ州バンドン市のベチャ(人力車)車夫の体力と筋力について [Physique and Muscle Strength of Becak Drivers in Bandung City, West Java, Indonesia] ・・・ 兵頭圭介 [Hyodo, Keisuke] 西ジャワ・スンダ農民の仕事 ――その季節による変動と性・年齢による差異―― [Work of Sundanese Villagers with Particular Reference to Seasonal Variations and Defferences by Sex and Age] ・・・ 門司和彦 [Moji, Kazuhiko] 西ジャワ・プリアンガン地方のスンダ人農民社会における早婚・多産の文化・社会的背景 [Cultural Practices Favoring Young Marriage and High Fertility: The Case of […]

Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 25 No 2

目次 [CONTENTS] Published on September 30, 1987 論文 [Articles] The Development of the Manufacturing Sector in Indonesia ・・・ 金子敬生 [Kaneko, Yukio] Tampubolon, Hasudungan 三仏斉の再検討 ――マラッカ海峡古代史研究の視座転換―― [Reexamination of San-fo-ch’i : Change of Perspective of the Study on Early History of the Western Part of Insular Southeast Asia] ・・・ 深見純生 [Fukami, Sumio] 資料・研究ノート [Notes] タイ南部国境県問題とマレー・ムスリム統合政策 [The Problems in the Southern Border Provinces of Thailand and the Integration Policy to the Malay-Musulims] ・・・ 橋本卓 [Hashimoto, Takashi] Chinese Subcommunal Elites in 19th century Penang ・・・ Mak, Lau-Fong The Unwelcome Guests : Indonesian Immigrants and Malaysian Public Responses ・・・ Azizah Kassim Input/Output Methods for Thai ――Development of a Database and a Computer Concordance for the […]