Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 36 No 4

目次 [CONTENTS] Published on March 31, 1999 Physical and Economic Change in Bangkok, 1851-1925 ・・・ Ouyyanont, Porphant Soil Chemical Profiles Developed from Pyrite-containing Sediments under Banjarese Agricultural Practices in South Kalimantan ・・・ Sumawinata, Basuki Education in the Border Areas of Malaysian and Indonesian Borneo/Kalimantan ・・・ 西村重夫 [Nishimura, Shigeo] 1889年パリ万国博覧会におけるジャワの舞踊と音楽について [Japanese Dance and Music Performance at the Paris Exposition of 1889] ・・・ 安田香 [Yasuda, Kyo] ベトナム北部農村における社会変容と女性労働 ――バックニン省チャンリエット村の事例から―― [Rural Transformation and Women’s Labour in North Vietnam: The Case of Trang Liet Village. Bac Ninh Province] ・・・ 岩井美佐紀 [Iwai, Misaki] 農業生態から見たグロリエのアンコール水利社会説批判 [Groslier’s Hydraulic Society Theory of Angkor in the Eyes of an Agroecologist] ・・・ 福井捷朗 [Fukui, Hayao] 書評 [Book Reviews] Paul D. Hutchcroft. […]

Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 36 No 3

目次 [CONTENTS] Published on December 31, 1998 Francisco Xavier Salgado, Civil Servant and Pioneer Industrialist in Eighteenth Century Philippines ・・・ Escoto, Salvador P. Sediments of the Lower Barito Basin in South Kalimantan : Fossil Pollen Composition ・・・ Sumawinata, Basuki Skill Formation in Malaysia: The Case of Auto Parts Industry ・・・ 佐土井有里 [Sadoi, Yuri] ダンドゥットの成立と発展(II) ――オルケス・ムラユの発展とムラユ音楽―― [The Formation and Development of Dangdut(II) : Orkes Melayu and Musik Melayu] ・・・ 田子内進 [Takonai, Susumu] 雲南の多民族村における森林利用と「森林創出」――保山の山腹地帯にいきづく集団林業とアグロフォレストリー栽培―― [Forest Utilization and Practice of “Forest Creation” in Multi-ethnic Villages : Village Forestry and Agroforestry Cultivation in the Mountainous Area of Baoshan, Yunnan, China] ・・・ 郭艶春 [Guo, Yanchun] 書評 [Book Reviews] Shin’ichi Shigetomi. Cooperation and Community in Rural […]

Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 36 No 2

目次 [CONTENTS] Published on September 30, 1998 タイ東北部における中等教育普及過程と機会拡大中学校 ――中学進学率急上昇のメカニズムを中心に―― [Kayaioka Schools and Expansion of Secondary Education in Rural Northeastern Thailand : With Special Reference to Mechanism for a Rapid Rise in Attendance Rate] ・・・ 箕浦康子 [Minoura, Yasuko] 野津隆志 [Notsu, Takashi] 護城山碑文に見る字喃について [Chu Nom Characters Contained in the Inscription of Ho Thanh Mountain] ・・・ 清水政明 [Shimizu, Masaaki] Le Thi Lien [Le Thi Lien] 桃木至朗 [Momoki, Shiro] 貨幣経済の浸透と儀礼をめぐる社会関係の変容 ――中部タイの稲作村における冠婚葬祭―― [Penetration of Monetary Economy and Social Change in a Central Thai Village : A Diachronic Analysis of Economic Aspects of Rites of Passage and Gift Exchange] ・・・ 鶴田格 [Tsuruta, Tadasu] Changing Patterns of Leadership Recruitment and the Emergence of the Professional Politician in […]

Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 36 No 1

目次 [CONTENTS] Published on June 30, 1998 Cassava in Indonesia : A Historical Re-Appraisal of an Enigmatic Food Crop ・・・ van der Eng, Pierre Water Management and Agricultural Change : A Case Study in the Upper Chao Phraya Delta ・・・ Molle, Francois Keawkuladya, Jesda タイ砂糖きびの生産費低減の可能性 [On the Possibility of Cost Reduction in the Thai Sugarcane Farming] ・・・ 福井清一 [Fukui, Seiichi] キティポン・スミパン [Sumipan, Kittipong] Bangkok as a Magnet for Rural Labour : Changing Conditions, 1900-1970 ・・・ Ouyyanont, Porphant 書評 [Book Reviews] Peter Post, and Elly Touwen-Bouwsma, eds. Japan, Indonesia and the War-Myths and Realities. Leiden: KITLV Press, 1997, Glossary, Index, xii+214p ・・・ 明石陽至 [Akashi, Yoji] Daniel S. Lev; and Ruth McVey, […]