Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 38 No 4

目次 [CONTENTS] Published on March 31, 2001 Higher Education Reform in Thailand ・・・ Nitungkorn, Sukanya Only Yesterday in Jakarta : Property Boom and Consumptive Trends in the Late New Order Metropolitan City ・・・ 新井健一郎 [Arai, Kenichiro] ジャワ農村における住民組織のインボリューション ――スハルト政権下の「村落開発」の一側面―― [Organizational Involution in Rural Java : A Characteristic of “Village Development” under the New Order] ・・・ 島上宗子 [Shimagami, Motoko] ダバオ市におけるバジャウの都市経済適応過程 ――経済的福祉とエスニック・アイデンティティの観点から―― [The Adaptive Process of the Badjaos in Davao City : Economic Well-Being and Ethnic Identity] ・・・ 青山和佳 [Aoyama, Waka] 南機関小稿[An Essay on Minami Kikan] ・・・ 武島良成 [Takeshima, Yoshinari] 書評 [Book Reviews] Jerome Rousseau. Kayan Religion: Ritual Life and Religious Reform in Central Borneo. KITLV Press, 1998, 352p. ・・・ 井上真 [Inoue, Makoto] […]

Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 38 No 3

目次 [CONTENTS] Published on December 31, 2000 Farmers and Forests : A Changing Phase in Northeast Thailand ・・・ Prachaiyo, Buared 書評 [Book Reviews] David M. Ayres, Anatomy of a Crisis : Education, Development, and the State in Cambodia, 1953-1998. Hawaii : University of Hawai’i Press, 2000, xi+256p. ・・・ 小林知 [Kobayashi, Satoru] 現地通信 [Field Reports] 2000 年のパシルマスから [From Pasir Mas, Kelantan in the Year 2000] ・・・ 坪内良博 [Tsubouchi, Yoshihiro] タイとマレーシアの食文化 [Eating Habits in Thailand and Malaysia] ・・・ 西渕光昭 [Nishibuchi, Mitsuaki]

Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 38 No 2

目次 [CONTENTS] Published on September 31, 2000 Fund-Raising Activities of a Cooperative in the Red River Delta: A Case Study of the Coc Thanh Cooperative in Nam Dinh Province, Vietnam ・・・ 柳澤雅之 [Yanagisawa, Masayuki] Education and Economic Development during the Modernization Period : A Comparison between Thailand and Japan ・・・ Nitungkorn, Sukanya Forest, Bateks, and Degradation: Environmental Representations in a Changing World ・・・ Lye, Tuck-Po フィリピンの農村工業における持続性 ――アンティーケ州バリ村の土器産業―― [The Continuity of a Village Industry in a Philippine Community: The Pottery of Bari, Antique Province] ・・・ 永井博子 [Nagai, Hiroko] 革命期を生き抜いた植民地期原住民行政官吏(パンレ・プラジャ) ――インドネシア・西ジャワ州の場合―― [The Colonial Aristocratic Bureaucrats(Pangreh Praja) Surviving the Revolution: The Case of West Java, Indonesia] ・・・ 岡本正明 [Okamoto, Masaaki] サラワク州イバン村落における移動湿地田稲作の変遷 [Transformation of […]

Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 38 No 1

目次 [CONTENTS] Published on June 30, 2000 工場労働者の第1世代をめぐる職務意識 ――ラオスを対象として―― [Attitudes and Behavior of the First Generation of Factory Wokers: A Case Study in Laos] ・・・ 大野昭彦 [Ohno, Akihiko] 鈴木基義 [Suzuki, Motoyoshi] ミャンマー乾期灌漑稲作経済の実態 ――ヤンゴン近郊農村フィールド調査より―― [An Economic Study on Irrigated Summer Rice Production in Myanmar: The Case of a Village near Yangon] ・・・ 藤田幸一 [Fujita, Koichi] 岡本郁子 [Okamoto, Ikuko] 「水王」の系譜 ――スレイ・サントー王権史―― [History of the Water Kings in Srei Santhor] ・・・ 北川香子 [Kitagawa, Takako] サラワク州イバン村落における湿地田稲作 ――植付け方法にみる適応戦略―― [Swamp Rice Cultivation in an Iban Village of Sarawak: Planting Methods as an Adaptation Strategy] ・・・ 市川昌広 [Ichikawa, Masahiro] Farmers’ Views of the Forest: Perceptions of the Forest and the Natural Environment in Northeast Thailand ・・・ 藤田渡 […]