Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 18 No 4

目次 [CONTENTS] Published on March 31, 1981 Green Revolution and Rural Development in Asia A Comparative Study of Green Revolution and Rural Development in Asia ・・・ 市村真一 [Ichimura, Shinichi] Socio-economic Change in Rural Taiwan: 1950-78 ・・・ Liao, Cheng-hung Yang, Martin M.C. Technical Change and Rural Development in Korea: 1967-76 ・・・ Kim, Moon Shik Oh, Nai Won Ecology, New Technology and Rural Development: Impressions of Kampung Ulu Tiram Burok ・・・ Fredericks, L.J. The Adoption of New Rice-growing Techniques in the Central Plain, Thailand ・・・ Adulavidhaya, Kamphol Tocetharat, Suwanna 論文 [Articles] 19世紀スマトラ中・南部における河川交易 : 東南アジアの貿易構造に関する一視角 [A Preliminary Survey of the River Trade in Central and South Sumatra in the 19th Century: A Viewpoint […]

Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 18 No 3

目次 [CONTENTS] Published on December 31, 1980 「近代日本の南方関与」 II [Historical Patterns of the Commitment to Southeast Asia of Modern Japan II] 編集者のことば[Editor’s Note] ・・・ 矢野暢 [Yano, Toru] 「暹羅国蚕業顧問技師」 : 明治期の東南アジア技術援助 [Japanese Sericultural Experts in the Thai Government during the Reign of King Chulalongkorn] ・・・ 吉川利治 [Yoshikawa, Toshiharu] 米領下マニラの初期日本人商業, 1898-1920 : 田川森太郎の南方関与 [Development of the Japanese Commercial Sector in Manila, 1898-1920 : The Case of Jose M. Tagawa] ・・・ 吉川洋子 [Yoshikawa, Yoko] 「台湾籍民」をめぐる諸問題 [Formosans of Japanese Nationality in Fukien] ・・・ 中村孝志 [Nakamura, Takashi] 熱帯産業調査会開催と台湾総督府外事部の設置 [The Research Committee for Tropical Industries (Nettaisangyo Chosakai) and the Foreign Relations Department (Gaijibu) of the Government-General of Formosa] ・・・ 長岡新治郎 [Nagaoka, Shinjiro] 南洋における日本人学校の動態 [The Japanese School […]

Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 18 No 1

目次 [CONTENTS] Published on June 30, 1980 論文 [Articles] 東南アジア連合成立過程の分析 [The Formation of the Association of Southeast Asia : An Analysis of a Political Process in the Initiation of Regional Cooperation] ・・・ 山影進 [Yamakage, Susumu] シンガポールの中国政策 : 首脳訪問を中心に [Singapore’s Policy towards China : Official Visits, 1975-78] ・・・ 田中恭子 [Tanaka, Kyoko] An Ecological View of a Subsistence Economy Based Mainly on the Production of Rice in Swiddens and in Irrigated Fields in a Hilly Region of Northern Thailand ・・・ 中野和敬 [Nakano, Kazutaka] 資料・研究ノート [Notes] The Bank of Thailand Model and Its Appication to Policy Simulation ・・・ 江崎光男 [Ezaki, Mitsuo] Agricultural Development Policy in West Malaysia ・・・ 下元豊 [Shimomoto, Yutaka] Distribution of […]