Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 45 No 4

目次 [CONTENTS] Published on March 31, 2008 バリのこよみ・考――現行太陰太陽暦が辿って来た道―― [The Balinese Calendar: The Lunisolar System and Historical Change] ・・・ 五十嵐忠孝 [IGARASHI, Tadataka] 南タイ・ムスリム村落におけるイスラーム復興の現在 ――開発と「平等性」をめぐる村人の対応―― [Present Aspects of Islamic Resurgence in a Muslim Village in Southern Thailand:A Case Analysis of the Reactions of Villagers to Development and “Equality”] ・・・ 小河久志 [OGAWA, Hisashi] Area Study Prior to Companion Modelling to Integrate Multiple Interests in Upper Watershed Management of Northern Thailand ・・・ Barnaud, Cecile Trebuil, Guy Dumrongrojwatthana, Pongchai Marie, Jerome Space of Resistance and Place of Local Knowledge in Karen Ecological Movement of Northern Thailand:The Case of Pgaz K’Nyau Villages in Mae Lan Kham River Basin ・・・ Trakansuphakorn, Prasert Early Years of Serikat Buruh […]

Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 45 No 2

目次 [CONTENTS] Published on September 30, 2007 インドネシアにおける村落会議と村落議会 ――植民地期20世紀初頭における村落集会の形成と 村落協議会の試み―― [The Emergence of Village Meetings and the Introduction of Village Assemblies in Early Twentieth Century Colonial Indonesia] ・・・ 水野広祐 [Mizuno, Kosuke] 北部ヴェトナム紅河平原における輪中型堤防形成に関する試論 [The Formation of Enclosed-type Dykes in the Red River Plain] ・・・ 西村昌也 [Nishimura, Masanari] シンガポールにおける住宅団地再開発に関する一試論 [The Re-development of Public Housing Estates in Singapore] ・・・ 鍋倉聰 [Nabekura, Satoshi] Impacts and Constraints of Universal Coverage in Thailand’s Public Health: A Survey Study in the Northeast Region ・・・ Chamchan, Chalermpol 書評 [Book Reviews] Reed L. Wadley, ed. Histories of the Borneo Environment: Economic, Political and Social Dimensions of Change and Continuity,2005 ・・・ 市川昌広 [Ichikawa, Masahiro] David Henley, Fertility Food and Fever: […]