Southeast Asian Studies Vol.49 No.3

     *When you cite articles in this issue, for page numbers please refer to the PDF version. In ePub and mobi files Book Reviews are not included. 目次 [CONTENTS] Published on December 31, 2011 Colonial Philippines in Transition Introduction: War, Race, and Nation in Philippine Colonial Transitons ・・・ RAFAEL, Vicente L. Race as Praxis in the Philippines at the Turn of the Twentieth Century ・・・ BLANCO, John D. Filipino Press between Two Empires: El Renacimiento, a Newspaper with Too Much Alma Filipina ・・・ CANO, Gloria Between the Letter and Spirit of the Law: Ethnic Chinese and Philippine Citizenship by Jus Soli, 1899-1947 ・・・ AGUILAR, Filomeno V.Jr. Remaindered Life of Citizen-Man, […]

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