Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 37 No 4

目次 [CONTENTS] Published on December 31, 1999 A Dynamic Bumiputera Commercial and Industrial Class?: A Mismatch with Market Rationality ・・・ Lim, Lrong Transforming Interaction of the Local People with the Uplands: A Case Study in Southeastern Nueva Ecija, Central Luzon ・・・ 葉山アツコ [Hayama, Atsuko] Indonesian Forest Management Problems: What Are the Comments and Opinions of the Groups and Organizations Concerned? ・・・ Guritno, Adi Djoko 西ジャワにおける「地方芸術」探求活動 ――新たな芸術教育の確立―― [In Search of West Javanese Art Forms: New Ways of Art Education] ・・・ 福岡まどか [Fukuoka, Madoka] 1950年代におけるアラカン人仏教徒議員の新州設立要求 [A Request for Establishment of an Arakan State Made by Arakanese Buddhist MP in the 1950s] ・・・ 齋藤瑞枝 [Saito, Mizue] 食物をめぐる人と自然の関わり ――東北タイでの事例から―― [The Relationship between Man and […]

Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 37 No 3

目次 [CONTENTS] Published on December 31, 1999 タイ北部における農村縫製業と手織物業をめぐる市場形成 [Market Formation in the Rural Garment and Weaving Industries in Northern Thailand] ・・・ 大野昭彦 [Ohno, Akihiko] ベンジャ・チラパトピモール [Jirapatpimol, Benja] 1820年代ジャワ島プリアンガン地方における開拓社会 ――グデ山南麓を事例として―― [Frontier Society in 1820s Priangan, West Java] ・・・ 大橋厚子 [Ohashi, Atsuko] 発酵保存食品チャオの生活誌 ――マカッサル海峡B島における生業活動の変化―― [An Account of a Fermented Food, Cao, in the Daily Life of a Fishing Community: Changes of Activities for Subsistence in the Makassar Straits] ・・・ 浜元聡子 [Hamamoto, Satoko] Organized Chinese Transnationalism and the Institutionalization of Business Networks: The Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry as a Case Analysis ・・・ Liu, Hong A Study on Estimation of Cassava Area and Production Using Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems […]

Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 37 No 1

目次 [CONTENTS] Published on June 30, 1999 Social Control and Bird’s Nest Harvesting among the Idahan: A Preliminary Observation ・・・ Ismail, Mohamed Yusoff Zaibatsu Development in the Philippines: The Ayala Model ・・・ Batalla, Eric Vincent C. Analysis of Stability of Rainfed Rice Cultivation in Northeast Thailand ・・・ 鈴木研二 [Suzuki, Kenji] 後藤章 [Goto, Akira] 水谷正一 [Mizutani, Masakazu] Sriboonlue, Vichai 人々のための公共地――タイにおけるコミュニティー林の制度的基礎――[Public Land for People: Institutional Foundation of Community Forestry in Thailand] ・・・ 佐藤仁 [Sato, Jin] 英領期上ビルマにおける地租制度の導入とその改変――タタメダ税,ヤシ税の導入を中心に――[The “Land Revenue” of Upper Burma in the Colonial Piriod: Focusing on the Introduction of the Thathameda Tax and the Tree Revenue] ・・・ 水野明日香 [Mizuno, Asuka] 書評 [Book Reviews] Toshiro Matsuda; and Akimi Fujimoto, eds. Commercial Farming […]