Japanese Journal of Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 60, No. 1

CONTENTS Published on July 31, 2022 <特集>「景福寺資料」の学際的研究――東南アジア研究における文献資料の新たな活用に向けて―― [Interdisciplinary Study of Canh Phuoc Temple Collection: For the Development of a New Approach to Document Research in Southeast Asian Studies] 序――特集に寄せて―― [Introduction] ・・・ 大野美紀子 [ONO, Mikiko] 漢字・字喃経典への料紙調査の応用 [An Analysis of Sino-Nom Buddhist Scriptures Using Writing Paper Research] ・・・ 小島浩之 [KOJIMA, Hiroyuki] 矢野正隆 [YANO, Masataka] 漢喃版『佛説天地八陽經』に見る字喃の方言性 [Dialectal Features of Nôm Characters in the Sino-Nom Version of Phật Thuyết Thiên Địa Bát Dương Kinh] ・・・ 清水政明 [SHIMIZU, Masaaki] 〈付録〉京都大学東南アジア地域研究研究所所蔵「景福寺資料」目録 [<Appendix> A Catalog of the “Canh Phuoc Temple Collection”] ・・・ 矢野正隆 小島浩之 大野美紀子(編) [Edited by YANO, Masataka KOJIMA, Hiroyuki ONO, Mikiko] 書評 [Book Reviews] 古田元夫.『東南アジア史10 講』(岩波新書)岩波書店,2021,viii+281+7p. [Furuta Motoo. 10 Lectures on Southeast Asian History. Tokyo: […]

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