Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 31 No 4

目次 [CONTENTS] Published on March 31, 1994 ラーマ四世期の「消極的」経済政策 [The ” Conservative” Economic Policies of Siam during the Reign of King Rama IV] ・・・ 池本幸生 [Ikemoto, Yukio] 国民統合と教育 ――マレーシア・サバ州・N小学校の変容をめぐって―― [National Integration and Education with Special Reference to the Transformation of N Primary School in Sabah, Malaysia] ・・・ 西 村重夫 [Nishimura, Shigeo] Former and Present Cropping Patterns in the Mekong Delta ・・・ Nguyen Huu Chiem The Development of Commercial Banking and Financial Businesses in the Provinces of Thailand ・・・ 上田曜子 [Ueda, Yoko] 娯楽と教訓の制度化 : インドネシア近代小説の展開に関する考察 [The Institution of Entertainment and Moral Example : A Study on the Development of the Modern Indonesian Novel] ・・・ 北野正徳 [Kitano, Masanori] 現地通信 [Field Reports] 東南スラウェシ州再訪[Southeast Sulawesi […]

Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 31 No 3

目次 [CONTENTS] Published on December 31, 1993 <特集> 「東南アジア海域世界の森と海」 (II) [Forests and the Sea in the Southeast Asian Maritime World (II)] スマトラ泥炭湿地林の近代――試論―― [Peat Swamp Forest in Sumatra : A Perspective] ・・・ 阿部健一 [Abe, Ken-ichi] サバ調査ノート[A Note on My Journeys to Sabah] ・・・ 鶴見良行 [Tsurumi, Yoshiyuki] インドネシア農村におけるプリブミ資本織布小工業の展開 ――西ジャワ・マジャ ラヤ地方の産地における小営業―― [Development of “Pribumi”Owned Small-scale Weaving Industry in Rural Indonesia : Petty Commodity Production in the Community Based Industry at Majalaya, West Java] ・・・ 水野広祐 [Mizuno, Kosuke] フィリピンのフロンティア開発 ――パラワン州にみる国内移住と支村の形成―― [Development of the Philippine Frontier : Labor Absorption and Internal Migration to Palawan Province] ・・・ 鳥飼行博 [Torikai, Yukihiro] Private Industries in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam ・・・ Wickramanayake, Ebel Tran Thi Ben 書評 [Book Reviews] […]

Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 31 No 2

目次 [CONTENTS] Published on September 30, 1993 あるポンドック(寄宿宗教塾)の変容1971-1992 ――避難所としての存続―― [The Pondok as a Place of Refuge : Changes in a Pondok in Kelantan, 1971-1992]    ・・・ 坪内良博 [Tsubouchi, Yoshihiro] 坪内玲子 [Tsubouchi, Reiko] タイにおける稲作慣行農法と犁の調査 ――犁耕技術の展開過程とも関連させて―― [Traditional Rice Cultivation Methods and a Survey of Plows in Thailand : In Connection with the Development of Plow Culture]    ・・・ 応地利明 [Ohji, Toshiaki] Farmers’ Perceptions of Rice-Growing Techniques in Laos : “Primitive” or “Thammasat”? ・・・ 田中耕司 [Tanaka, Koji] The Present Status of the Mangrove Forests in the Northern Coast of West Java with Special Reference to the Recent Utilization ・・・ Sukardjo, Sukristijono Geo-Pedological Study of the Mekong Delta ・・・ Nguyen Huu Chiem 現地通信 [Field Reports] AITからアジアを眺めて[A […]

Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 31 No 1

目次 [CONTENTS] Published on June 30, 1993 マレー農村における屋敷地共住集団 ――20年間における変化とその意味―― [Multihouseholdcompounds in a Malay Village in Kelantan, 1971-1991] ・・・ 坪内良博 [Tsubouchi, Yoshihoro] 1852年モルッカ津波について[A Note on the 1852 Molucca Tsunami] ・・・ 中村重久 [Nakamura, Shigehisa] 森の民, 湖へ行く ――北東マダガスカル, ベツィミサラカにおける伝統と現在―― [The Forest People Go to the Lake : Tradition and Actuality among the Betsimisaraka of Northeastern Madagascar] ・・・ 森山工 [Moriyama, Takumi] Islamization in Southeast Asia : Reflections and Reconsiderations with Special Reference to the Role of Sufism ・・・ Johns, Anthony H. The ‘Unfinished Revolution’ in Philippine Political Discourse ・・・ Ileto, Reynold C. 書評 [Book Reviews] Alison J. Murray. No Money, No Honey : A Study of Street Traders and Prostitutes in Jakarta. Singapore : […]