Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 42 No 4

     *When you cite articles in this issue, for page numbers please refer to the PDF version. 目次 [CONTENTS] Published on March 31, 2005 New Japanese Scholarship in Cambodian Studies Introduction ・・・ 林行夫 [Hayashi, Yukio] Kampot of the Belle Epoque: From the Outlet of Cambodia to a Colonial Resort ・・・ 北川香子 [Kitagawa, Takako] Post/colonial Discourses on the Cambodian Court Dance ・・・ 笹川秀夫 [Sasagawa, Hideo] Marriage,Gender,and Labor: Female-Headed Households in a Rural Cambodian Village ・・・ 高橋美和 [Takahashi, Miwa] The Relationship of Socio-Economic Environment and Ethnicity to Student Career Development in Contemporary Cambodia: A Case Study of High Schools in Phnom Penh ・・・ 坂梨由紀子 [Sakanashi, Yukiko] An Ethnographic Study on the Reconstruction […]

Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 42 No 3

目次 [CONTENTS] Published on December 31, 2004 The Evolutionary Changes in Rice-crop Farming: Integrated Pest Management in Indonesia, Cambodia, and Vietnam ・・・ Winarto, Yunita T. Recent Changes in the Composite Swidden Farming System of a Da Bac Tay Ethnic Minority Community in Vietnam’s Northern Mountain Region ・・・ Nguyen, Thanh Lam Patanothai, Aran Rambo, A. Terry. ゴムが変えた盆地世界 ――雲南・西双版納の漢族移民とその周辺―― [Socioecological Transformation Triggered by National Rubber Plantations in Yunnan, China: The Impact of Han-Chinese Immigration into Xishuangbanna since the 1950s] ・・・ 深尾葉子 [Fukao, Yoko] カンボジア国除隊兵士の人口学・疫学的調査結果に関する一考察 [Abandoned People: An Epidemiological and Demographic Profile of Demobilized Cambodian Soldiers] ・・・ 東佳史 [Azuma, Yoshifumi] 野生動植物採集と公共林野利用 ――タイ王国東北部ロイエット県の天水稲作農村の事例―― [Hunting and Gathering Activities and Public Forests : The Case of […]

Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 42 No 2

目次 [CONTENTS] Published on September 30, 2004 Agropesticide Contract Sprayers in Central Thailand : Health Risks and Awareness ・・・ Grandstaff, Somluckrat Srisupan, Waraporn Forest, Ethnicity and Settlement in the Mountainous Area of Northern Laos ・・・ 横山智 [Yokoyama, Satoshi] タイの鉄道と米輸送 1941〜1957年 ――輸送力不足と東北部 ―― [Railways and Rice Transport in Thailand, 1941-1957 : Insufficient Transport Capacity and the Northeast] ・・・ 柿崎一郎 [Kakizaki, Ichiro] 領域国家形成の表と裏 ――冷戦期タイにおける中国国民党軍と山地民 ―― [Territorial State Formation Underground: Chinese Nationalist (KMT) Troops and the Hill Tribes in Cold-War Thailand] ・・・ 片岡樹 [Kataoka, Tatsuki] 戸惑いの時代と「イヌル現象」 ――大衆文化の観点からみたインドネシア・ムスリム社会の動態 ―― [A Time of Perplexity and the “Inul Phenomenon” : The Dynamics of Indonesian Muslim Society from the View of Popular Culture] ・・・ 佐々木拓雄 [Sasaki, Takuo] 書評 [Book Reviews] Mary […]

Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 42 No 1

目次 [CONTENTS] Published on June 30, 2004 The Comparative Economic Performance of Malaysia : An Analysis ・・・ 吉原久仁夫 [Yoshihara, Kunio] Configuring an Ideal Self through Maintaining a Family Network : Northern Thai Factory Women in an Industrializing Society ・・・ 道信良子 [Michinobu, Ryoko] The Economic Crisis and Rural Households in Thailand : Impact and Response ・・・ Subhadhira, Sukaesinee Simaraks, Suchint Srila, Somjai Introducing the Cultivation of Medicinal Plants and Wild Fruits in Forest Rehabilitation Operations on Former Shifting Cultivation Sites in Sarawak Malaysia : Issues and Challenges ・・・ Lee, Hua Seng 南ラオスの民族混住村における水牛供犠祭り [Water Buffalo Sacrifice in a Multi-ethnic Village in Southern Laos] ・・・ 中田友子 [Nakata, Tomoko] 書評 [Book Reviews] Aris Ananta; […]