Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 29 No 4

目次 [CONTENTS] Published on March 31, 1992 タイのクーデタ, 1980〜1991年 : 軍の同期生, 内部抗争, 対政府関係 [Coups in Thailand, 1980-1991: Classmates, Internal Conflicts and Relations with the Government of the Military] ・・・ 玉田芳史 [Tamada, Yoshifumi] 食事の提供・獲得をめぐる社会関係 ――インドネシア,西ジャワ州南バンテンの村落から―― [Eating Opportunities and Its Social Context of a Village in South Banten, West Java, Indonesia] ・・・ 渡辺敦 [Watanabe, Atsushi] タイ国チャオプラヤー・デルタにおける水利秩序の形成と発展 [Formation and Development of Irrigation Water Management Systems in the Thai Chao Phya Delta] ・・・ 中島正博 [Nakashima, Masahiro] The Management Problems and Research Needs of the Mangrove Forest in the Cimanuk Delta Complex, Ujung Indramayu, West Java ・・・ Sukardjo, Sukristijono 山田勇 [Yamada, Isamu] 書評 [Book Reviews] 清水展著『文化のなかの政治 : フィリピン「二月革命」の物語』 弘文堂, 1991, 234p. [Hiromu Shimizu. Politics in […]

Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 29 No 2

目次 [CONTENTS] Published on September 30, 1991 When Rubber Came: The Negeri Sembilan Experience ・・・ 加藤剛 [Kato, Tsuyoshi] British Colonial Health Care Development and the Persistence of Ethnic Medicine in Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore ・・・ Ooi, Giok Ling Balinese Exchange: Replication and Reaffirmation of “The One” ・・・ Duff-Cooper, Andrew Martial Law and Realignment of Political Parties in the Philippines(September 1972-February 1986): With a Case in the Province of Batangas ・・・ 木村昌孝 [Kimura, Masataka] 現地通信 [Field Reports] 東北タイ生産遺跡発掘プロジェクト ――ノンヤン遺跡とバンドンプロン遺跡―― [Excavation of Ancient Manufacturies in Northeast Thailand : The Non Yang and Ban Dong Phlong Ruines] ・・・ 新田栄治 [Nitta, Eiji]

Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 29 No 1

目次 [CONTENTS] Published on June 30, 1991 God, Divinities and Ancestors : For the Positive Representation of a “Religious Plurality” in Bugis Society, South Sulawesi, Indonesia ・・・ Hamonic, Gilbert Properties of Soils in Kerangas Forest on Sandstone at Bako National Park, Sarawak, East Malaysia ・・・ 片桐成夫 [Katagiri, Shigeo] 山倉拓夫 [Yamakura, Takuo] Lee, Seng Hua Salinization in the Holocene Fan-delta of Maekhlonng River, Thailand ・・・ Jarupongsakul, Somboon 服部共生 [Hattori, Tomoo] Wichaidit, Pichai 南タイ のソンラク政治にみられるムスリム ―仏教徒関係 ――「サムサム」的ムスリム社会における宗教と政治―― [The Relationship between Musulims and Buddhists in a Southern Thai Village : Religion and Poliitics in “Sam Sam” Muslim Society] ・・・ 西井涼子 [Nishii, Ryoko] 現地通信 [Field Reports] 揚子江の南 [The Souhtern Reach of the Yangtse River] […]