Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 22 No 3

目次 [CONTENTS] Published on December 31, 1984 論文 [Articles] 20世紀初頭のメコン・デルタにおける国有地払下げと水田開発 [Land Concession and the Development of Rice Cultivation in the Mekong Delta in the Early Twentieth Century] ・・・ 高田洋子 [Takada, Yoko] An Econometric Link System for the East and Southeast Asian Countries, Japan and the United States ・・・ 江崎光男 [Ezaki, Mitsuo] 柴山守 [Shibayama, Mamoru] 市村真一 [Ichimura, Shinichi] A New Soil Material Classification for Tropical Asian Paddy Soils ・・・ Domingo, Leonora E. 久馬一剛 [Kyuma, Kazutake] 資料・研究ノート [Notes] ラタナコーシン朝初頭における王権とサンガ ―― 『三印法典』「サンガ布告」を中心に―― [Sangha and Monarchy at the Beginning of the Ratanakosin Dynasty, Based upon Seven Kot Phrasong in the Kotmai Tra Sam Duang or the Law of the Three Seals] ・・・ 石井米雄 [Ishii, […]

Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 22 No 2

目次 [CONTENTS] Published on September 30, 1984 Transformation of the Agricultural Landscape Editor’s Note ・・・ 前田成文 [Maeda, Narifumi] Intersocietal Transfer of Hydraulic Technology in Precolonial South Asia : Some Reflections Based on a Preliminary Investigation ・・・ Gunawardana, R.A.L.H. Agricultural Transformation in Manigamuwa, a Village in Dry-zone Sri Lanka ・・・ 高谷好一 [Takaya, Yoshikazu] Jayawardena, S.D.G. Land Utilization in a South Deccan Village : Contrasts between Tank-irrigated and Rain-fed Cultivation ・・・ 応地利明 [Ohji, Toshiaki] 資料・研究ノート [Notes] Rural Entrepreneurship : The Case of Small Rice Mills in Malaysia ・・・ Vokes, Richard W.A. 東南アジアの低湿地林4 : 泥炭湿地林 [Lowland Swamp Forests in Southeast Asia 4. Peat Swamp Forest] ・・・ 山田勇 [Yamada, Isamu] 現地通信 [Field Reports] A […]