Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 19 No 4

目次 [CONTENTS] Published on March 31, 1982 資料・研究ノート [Notes] タイ国ピブーン政権と太平洋戦争 [The Phibun Regime in Thailand and the Pacific War] ・・・ 吉川利治 [Yoshikawa, Toshiharu] 大阪商船南洋線の前史 : 航路視察復命書を中心として [The Prehistory of the O. S. K.’s Java Line: On the O.S.K.’s Research in Southeast Asian Waters before the First World War] ・・・ 片山邦雄 [Katayama, Kunio] Industrialization, Female Labour Migration, and the Changing Pattern of Malay Women’s Labour Force Participation: An Analysis of Interrelationship and Implications ・・・ Jamilah, M. A. イグレシア・ニ・クリスト : フィリピンの新宗教運動の一事例 [Iglesia Ni Cristo: A Case Study of a New Religious Movement in the Philippines] ・・・ 寺田勇文 [Terada, Takefumi] A Framework for Analysis of Budgetary Politics in Thailand ・・・ Nophakoon, Somphoch 東南アジアにおける生薬の比較研究第XII報 […]

Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 19 No 2

目次 [CONTENTS] Published on September 30, 1981 論文 [Articles] Overseas Chinese in Java and Their Liquidation in 1740 ・・・ Kemasang, A.R.T. ビルマにおける栽培稲の変遷と稲作の展開 [The Alteration of Cultivated Rice and the Development of Rice Cultivation in Burma] ・・・ 渡部忠世 [Watabe, Tadayo] 田中耕司 [Tanaka, Koji] Temporal and Spatial Variations of Monthly Rainfall in Java, Indonesia ・・・ 安成哲三 [Yasunari, Tetsuzo] 資料・研究ノート [Notes] The Radical Traditionalism of the Nahdlatul Ulama in Indonesia : A Personal Account of the 26th National Congress, June 1979, Semarang ・・・ 中村光男 [Nakamura, Mitsuo] Traditional Cropping Systems of Small Farmers in the Central and Southern Deccan Plateau Area ・・・ 田中耕司 [Tanaka, Koji] 渡部忠世 [Watabe, Tadayo] ASEANの結成と地域協力 : 国際・国内政治からみた要因と誘因 [The Formation of […]

Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 19 No 1

目次 [CONTENTS] Published on June 30, 1981 人口特集 [ Population] 編集者のことば[Editor’s Note] ・・・ 小林和正 [Kobayashi, Kazumasa] 人口理論と人口推計 :東南アジアに対する応用 [Demographic Theories and Population Projections : With Special Reference to Southeast Asia] ・・・ 河野稠果 [Kono, Shigemi] タイ国人口増加の地域構造 : 1960-1970年 [Subnational Diversity in the Population Growth Rate of Thailand during 1960s] ・・・ 小林和正 [Kobayashi, Kazumasa] On the High Population Growth Rates of the Past in South Sumatra ・・・ 坪内良博 [Tsubouchi, Yoshihiro] 松下敬一郎 [Matsushita, Keiichiro] 論文 [Articles] Income Levels and Basic Needs of Rubber Smallholders in Traditional Villages in Malaysia ・・・ Shahoran bin Johan Ariffin Tips, Walter E. J. 資料・研究ノート [Notes] ジャワの村落における社会変容の一考察 : 日本軍政下の籾供出制度とその影響 [Social Changes in Javanese Villages, 1942-45: The Forced Delivery System […]