Japanese Journal of Southeast Asian Studies Vol.52 No.1

 CONTENTS Published on July 31, 2014 マレーシア・サバ州における森林管理の変遷と 地域住民の生業変容 [Changing Forest Landscape and Local Communities in Sabah, Malaysia] ・・・ 内藤大輔 [Naito, Daisuke] インドネシアにおけるノコギリガザミ漁業の現状と資源保全 ―― 南スラウェシ州とマルク州のノコギリガザミ漁を事例に―― [Current State of the Mud Crab Fishery and Resource Conservation in Indonesia: Case Studies of South Sulawesi and Maluku] ・・・ 古川文美子 [Furukawa, Fumiko] 岩田明久 [Iwata, Akihisa] 小林繁男 [Kobayashi, Shigeo] 中国雲南省ラフ族女性の遠隔地婚出 ―― ラフ社会における結婚との関わりに着目して―― [Inter-ethnic Marriage Migration among Lahu Women in Yunnan: Focusing on Changing Marriage Practices among Womenʼs Sending Society] ・・・ 堀江未央 [Horie, Mio] 茶をめぐる生産者の選択と関係 ―― ミャンマー北東部シャン州ナムサン郡を事例として―― [The Choices and Relationships of Tea Producers: A Case Study on Tea Production in Namhsan Township, Shan State, Myanmar] ・・・ 生駒美樹 [Ikoma, Miki] 書評 [Book Reviews] 菅原由美.『オランダ植民地体制下ジャワにおける宗教運動――写本に見る19 世紀インドネシアのイスラーム潮流』大阪大学出版会,2013,viii+336p.[Sugahara Yumi. Javanese […]

Japanese Journal of Southeast Asian Studies Vol.51 No.2

[CONTENTS] Published on January 31, 2014 住民からみた参加型森林事業 ――フィリピン中部マアシンにおける水源林再生事業と地域社会―― [The Implications of Community-based Forest Managementin an Upland Village in the Philippines: The Maasin Watershed Rehabilitation Program from the People’s Viewpoint] ・・・ 永井 博子 [NAGAI, Hiroko] メコンデルタにおける支配をめぐるせめぎあい――地域社会の人々のローカル秩序と回避の「場」(1976~1988年)―― [The Struggle for Reign in the Mekong Delta: The Local Order and “Refuge” of People in Local Community (1976–1988)] ・・・ 下條 尚志 [SHIMOJO, Hisashi] タイのカヤン観光の成立と変遷――観光人類学の枠組みを再考する―― [The Historical Process of the Establishment of Kayan Tourism in Northern Thailand: Rethinking the Framework of Anthropology of Tourism] ・・・ 久保 忠行 [KUBO, Tadayuki] ラオス南部コーヒー栽培地域における農民富裕者の誕生要因 [The Emergence of Wealthy Farmers in the Coffee-planting Area of Southern Laos] ・・・ 箕曲 在弘 [MINOO, Arihiro] 書評 [Book Reviews] 速水洋子;西 真如;木村周平(編).『人間圏の再構築―熱帯社会の潜在力』講座 生存基盤論 第3 巻.京都大学学術出版会,2012, 385p. [Hayami Yoko, Nishi Makoto, […]

Japanese Journal of Southeast Asian Studies Vol.51 No.1

[CONTENTS] Published on July 31, 2013 カドゥー語音韻論 [Kadu Phonology] ・・・ 藤原 敬介 [HUZIWARA, Keisuke] カンボジア農村における仏教施設の種類と形成過程 [A Study of Buddhist Places of Worship in Rural Cambodia: With a Special Focus on Their Differences and Formative Processes] ・・・ 小林 知 [KOBAYASHI, Satoru] 日本占領下のフィリピン・レイテ島における対日協力と対日抵抗をめぐる政治抗争 [Political Feuds over Collaboration and Resistance during the Japanese Occupation of Leyte, Philippines] ・・・ 荒 哲 [ARA, Satoshi] タイにおける汚職の創造――法規定と政治家批判―― [The Creation of Corruption in Thailand: Legal Provisions and Criticism of Politicians] ・・・ 外山 文子 [TOYAMA, Ayako] インドネシアの首都ジャカルタ水道事業と民営化政策をめぐる攻防――ポスト・スハルト期の政治経済構造の継続と変容―― [Water Privatization in the Capital City of Indonesia and Struggles over Policy: Changes and Continuities in Post-Suharto Indonesia] ・・・ 茅根 由佳 [KAYANE, Yuka] 書評論文『講座 生存基盤論』 [Review Articles on Humanosphere Lecture Series] 第1巻『歴史の中の熱帯生存圏』 地域史の先にある未来――化石資源文明からの卒業シナリオ―― [Vol. 1 The Tropical Humanosphere […]

Japanese Journal of Southeast Asian Studies Vol.50 No.2

[CONTENTS] Published on January 31, 2013 タイにおけるミャンマー人移民労働者の実態と問題の構図 ――南タイ・ラノーンの事例から―― [Labour and Livelihood of Myanmar Migrants in Ranong under the Current Legal Environments in Thailand] ・・・ 藤田幸一 [FUJITA, Koichi] 遠藤環 [ENDO, Tamaki] 岡本郁子 [OKAMOTO, Ikuko] 中西嘉宏 [NAKANISHI, Yoshihiro] 山田美和 [YAMADA, Miwa] 東北タイにおける河川の流出特性と伝統的灌漑の技術様式 [Runoff Characteristics and Traditional Irrigation in Northeast Thailand] ・・・ 星川圭介 [HOSHIKAWA, Keisuke] 先住民か不法入国労働者か? ――タイ山地民をめぐる議論が映し出す新たなタイ社会像―― [Indigenous People or Illegal Migrant Laborers? Recent Debates over the Hill Tribes and Nationhood in Thailand] ・・・ 片岡樹 [KATAOKA, Tatsuki] “解放”後のベトナムにおける宗教政策 ――カオダイ教を通して―― [Religious Policy in Vietnam after the “Liberation” Era: Focusing on the Case of Caodaism] ・・・ 北澤直宏 [KITAZAWA, Naohiro] 書評論文 [Review Article] アナキズムと反植民地主義的ナショナリズムの対位法的読解 [Interpreting Anarchism and Anti-Colonial Nationalism Contrapuntally] ・・・ 土佐弘之 [TOSA Hiroyuki] 書評 [Book […]

Japanese Journal of Southeast Asian Studies Vol.50 No.1

[CONTENTS] Published on July 31, 2012 タイ族ムオン構造再考 ――18-19世紀前半のベトナム,ムオン・ロー盆地社会の視点から―― [Rethinking the Tai Muong Structure Model: A View from a Valley Society of Muong Lo, Vietnam in the 18th and the Early 19th Century] ・・・ 岡田 雅志 [OKADA, Masashi] 未来を投企するフィリピン人 ――国内初の保健協同組合創設者の語りより―― [Engaging the Future: From Narratives of the Founder of the First Health Cooperative in the Philippines] ・・・ 青山 和佳 [AOYAMA, Waka] 海外製品流入とフィリピンの地場製造業 ――製靴業の事例から―― [The Inflow of Foreign Cheap Products and Local Manufacturing in the Philippines: Case of the Footwear Manufacturing Industry] ・・・ 福田 晋吾 [FUKUDA, Shingo] フィリピン・コルディレラ山地社会の「アメリカ化」とイゴロットの対日協力問題 [“Americanization” in the Cordillera Mountain Societies of the Philippines and the Igorot Collaboration Issue with Japan] ・・・ 芹澤 隆道 [SERIZAWA, Takamichi] 書評[Book Reviews] 中野亜里;遠藤聡;小高泰;玉置充子;増原綾子.『入門東南アジア現代政治史』東京:福村出版,2010,263p. 清水一史;田村慶子;横山豪志(編著).『東南アジア現代政治入門』京都:ミネルヴァ書房,2011,269p. [Nakano Ari, Endo Satoshi, […]

Southeast Asian Studies Vol.49 No.4

     *When you cite articles in this issue, for page numbers please refer to the PDF version. 目次 [CONTENTS] Published on March 31, 2012 International Migration of Southeast Asian Nurses and Care Workers to Japan under Economic Partnership Agreements Southeast Asian Nurses and Caregiving Workers Transcending the National Boundaries: An Overview of Indonesian and Filipino Workers in Japan and Abroad ・・・ 大野 俊 [OHNO, Shun] Globalization of Care and the Context of Reception of Southeast Asian Care Workers in Japan ・・・ 小川玲子 [OGAWA, Reiko] A Comparative Study of Filipino and Indonesian Candidates for Registered Nurse and Certified Care Worker Coming to Japan under Economic Partnership Agreements: An Analysis of the […]

Southeast Asian Studies Vol.49 No.3

     *When you cite articles in this issue, for page numbers please refer to the PDF version. In ePub and mobi files Book Reviews are not included. 目次 [CONTENTS] Published on December 31, 2011 Colonial Philippines in Transition Introduction: War, Race, and Nation in Philippine Colonial Transitons ・・・ RAFAEL, Vicente L. Race as Praxis in the Philippines at the Turn of the Twentieth Century ・・・ BLANCO, John D. Filipino Press between Two Empires: El Renacimiento, a Newspaper with Too Much Alma Filipina ・・・ CANO, Gloria Between the Letter and Spirit of the Law: Ethnic Chinese and Philippine Citizenship by Jus Soli, 1899-1947 ・・・ AGUILAR, Filomeno V.Jr. Remaindered Life of Citizen-Man, […]

Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 49 No.2

[CONTENTS] Published on September 30, 2011 From Water Buffaloes to Motorcycles: The Development of Large-scale Industrial Estates and Their Socio-spatial Impact on the Surrounding Villages in Karawang Regency, West Java ・・・ ARAI Kenichiro Rice Fermentation Starters in Cambodia: Cultural Importkance and Traditional Methods of Production ・・・ YAMAMOTO Sota MATSUMOTO Tetsuo Death, Emotions, and Social Change among the Austronesian-Speaking Bunun of Taiwan ・・・ Shu-Yuan YANG Transformation of ASEAN’s Image in the 1980s: The Cambodian Conflict and the Economic Development of ASEAN Member Countries ・・・ YUKAWA Taku Transition of Urban Transport Policy in Bangkok, 1957-1976: Politicization of Bus Service ・・・ KAKIZAKI Ichiro Affirmative Action for Minorities to Go to Higher Education in […]

Southeast Asian Studies Vol.49 No.1

     *When you cite articles in this issue, for page numbers please refer to the PDF version. In ePub and mobi versions Book Reviews are not included. 目次 [CONTENTS] Published on June 30, 2011 Socio-Economic Dynamics in a Tank-Irrigated Rural Area in Contemporary Tamil Nadu, India Introduction: Socio-Economic Dynamics in a Tank-Irrigated Rural Area in Contemporary Tamil Nadu, India ・・・ FUJITA Koichi Employment Structure and Rural-Urban Migration in a Tamil Nadu Village: Focusing on Differences by Economic Class ・・・ SATO Keiko Goat-Rearing Practices and the Limited Effects of the SHG Program in India: Evidence from a Tamil Nadu Village ・・・ SATO Keiko Self-Help Groups and the Rural Financial Market in […]

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