Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 8 No 4


Published on March 31, 1971

論文 [Articles]
南タイ農村の経済生活 : タイ・イスラム村落での実態調査

[Economic Life of Rural Villages in Southern Thailand : An Observation in a Thai-Islam Community]

・・・ 矢野暢 [Yano, Toru]
Contributions to the Flora of Southeast Asia IV : A List of Labiatae Known from Thailand ・・・ 村田源 [Murata, Gen]
Rice Culture in the Central Plain of Thailand V : Possibility of Higher Yield Viewed from the Yield Component Surveys in Farmers’ Fields ・・・ 福井捷朗 [Fukui, Hayao]
高橋英一 [Takahashi, Eiichi]
資料・研究ノート [Notes]

[A History of the Burmese Army (Part 3)]

・・・ 大野徹 [Ohno, Toru]
スカルノの研究 : パンチャ・シラ成立の過程

[Sukarno and the Struggle for Indonesian Independence : A Preliminary Study]

・・・ 土屋健治 [Tsuchiya, Kenji]
書評 [Book Reviews]
Yoji Akashi. The Nanyang Chinese National Salvation Movement, 1937-1941. The University of Kansas. 1970, 168p.+notes26p.+appendix7p.+index9p. ・・・ 市川健二郎 [Ichikawa, Kenjiro]
現地通信 [News from the Fields]

[On the Textbooks of Tropical Medicine]

・・・ 伊藤邦幸 [Ito, Kuniyuki]