Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 48 No 4

[CONTENTS] Published on March 31, 2011 〈インドネシア・中ジャワ州ソロ地方特定地域における人間関係と出かせぎ様式 [Human Relations and the Style of Circular Migration in a Specific Part of Solo Region, Central Java, Indonesia] ・・・ 間瀬朋子 [Mase Tomoko] 忠誠と報奨の政軍関係―フィリピン・アロヨ大統領の国軍人事と政治の介入―[Loyalty, Reward, and Civil-Military Relations in the Philippines:Politics of President Arroyo’s Appointments of Military Generals] ・・・ 山根健至[Yamane Takeshi] Agricultural Knowledge Transfer and Innovation Processes in Vietnam’s Northwestern Uplands:State-governed or Demand-driven? ・・・ THAI Thi Minh Andreas NEEF and Volker HOFFMANN 【Book Reviews】 Ichikawa Masahiro, Ubukata Fumikazu and Naito Daisuke, eds. People and Forest Management in Tropical Asia: Local-level Impacts of Diverse Governance Systems. Kyoto: Jimbun Shoin, 2010, 280p. ・・・ FUJITA, Wataru Yokoyama Satoshi and Ochiai Yukino, eds. Studies on Rural Laos: Changing […]

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