Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 42 No 4

     *When you cite articles in this issue, for page numbers please refer to the PDF version. 目次 [CONTENTS] Published on March 31, 2005 New Japanese Scholarship in Cambodian Studies Introduction ・・・ 林行夫 [Hayashi, Yukio] Kampot of the Belle Epoque: From the Outlet of Cambodia to a Colonial Resort ・・・ 北川香子 [Kitagawa, Takako] Post/colonial Discourses on the Cambodian Court Dance ・・・ 笹川秀夫 [Sasagawa, Hideo] Marriage,Gender,and Labor: Female-Headed Households in a Rural Cambodian Village ・・・ 高橋美和 [Takahashi, Miwa] The Relationship of Socio-Economic Environment and Ethnicity to Student Career Development in Contemporary Cambodia: A Case Study of High Schools in Phnom Penh ・・・ 坂梨由紀子 [Sakanashi, Yukiko] An Ethnographic Study on the Reconstruction […]

Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 42 No 3

目次 [CONTENTS] Published on December 31, 2004 The Evolutionary Changes in Rice-crop Farming: Integrated Pest Management in Indonesia, Cambodia, and Vietnam ・・・ Winarto, Yunita T. Recent Changes in the Composite Swidden Farming System of a Da Bac Tay Ethnic Minority Community in Vietnam’s Northern Mountain Region ・・・ Nguyen, Thanh Lam Patanothai, Aran Rambo, A. Terry. ゴムが変えた盆地世界 ――雲南・西双版納の漢族移民とその周辺―― [Socioecological Transformation Triggered by National Rubber Plantations in Yunnan, China: The Impact of Han-Chinese Immigration into Xishuangbanna since the 1950s] ・・・ 深尾葉子 [Fukao, Yoko] カンボジア国除隊兵士の人口学・疫学的調査結果に関する一考察 [Abandoned People: An Epidemiological and Demographic Profile of Demobilized Cambodian Soldiers] ・・・ 東佳史 [Azuma, Yoshifumi] 野生動植物採集と公共林野利用 ――タイ王国東北部ロイエット県の天水稲作農村の事例―― [Hunting and Gathering Activities and Public Forests : The Case of […]

Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 42 No 2

目次 [CONTENTS] Published on September 30, 2004 Agropesticide Contract Sprayers in Central Thailand : Health Risks and Awareness ・・・ Grandstaff, Somluckrat Srisupan, Waraporn Forest, Ethnicity and Settlement in the Mountainous Area of Northern Laos ・・・ 横山智 [Yokoyama, Satoshi] タイの鉄道と米輸送 1941〜1957年 ――輸送力不足と東北部 ―― [Railways and Rice Transport in Thailand, 1941-1957 : Insufficient Transport Capacity and the Northeast] ・・・ 柿崎一郎 [Kakizaki, Ichiro] 領域国家形成の表と裏 ――冷戦期タイにおける中国国民党軍と山地民 ―― [Territorial State Formation Underground: Chinese Nationalist (KMT) Troops and the Hill Tribes in Cold-War Thailand] ・・・ 片岡樹 [Kataoka, Tatsuki] 戸惑いの時代と「イヌル現象」 ――大衆文化の観点からみたインドネシア・ムスリム社会の動態 ―― [A Time of Perplexity and the “Inul Phenomenon” : The Dynamics of Indonesian Muslim Society from the View of Popular Culture] ・・・ 佐々木拓雄 [Sasaki, Takuo] 書評 [Book Reviews] Mary […]

Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 42 No 1

目次 [CONTENTS] Published on June 30, 2004 The Comparative Economic Performance of Malaysia : An Analysis ・・・ 吉原久仁夫 [Yoshihara, Kunio] Configuring an Ideal Self through Maintaining a Family Network : Northern Thai Factory Women in an Industrializing Society ・・・ 道信良子 [Michinobu, Ryoko] The Economic Crisis and Rural Households in Thailand : Impact and Response ・・・ Subhadhira, Sukaesinee Simaraks, Suchint Srila, Somjai Introducing the Cultivation of Medicinal Plants and Wild Fruits in Forest Rehabilitation Operations on Former Shifting Cultivation Sites in Sarawak Malaysia : Issues and Challenges ・・・ Lee, Hua Seng 南ラオスの民族混住村における水牛供犠祭り [Water Buffalo Sacrifice in a Multi-ethnic Village in Southern Laos] ・・・ 中田友子 [Nakata, Tomoko] 書評 [Book Reviews] Aris Ananta; […]

Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 41 No 3

目次 [CONTENTS] Published on December 31, 2003 A Narrative of Contested Views of Development in Thai Society: Voices of Villagers in Rural Northeastern Thailand ・・・ Boonmathya, Ratana Tosakul Burial Goods in the Philippines: An Attempt to Quantify Prestige Values ・・・ Barretto-Tesoro, Grace The Shifting Role of Large Livestock in Northeast Thailand ・・・ Simaraks, Suchint Subhadhira, Sukaesinee Srila, Somjai 未完の党=国家 ――ネー・ウィンとビルマ社会主義計画党―― [Party-State Manque: Ne Win and the Burma Socialist Programme Party] ・・・ 中西嘉宏 [Nakanishi, Yoshihiro] スハルト体制崩壊後のインドネシア政治エリート ――1999年総選挙による国会議員とはどのような人たちか―― [Indonesia’s Political Elite after the Fall of Soeharto : The 1999 Elections to the People’s Representative Council] ・・・ 森下明子 [Morishita, Akiko] 書評 [Book Reviews] Jean Michaud, ed. Turbulent Times and Enduring Peoples : Mountain […]

Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 41 No 2

目次 [CONTENTS] Published on September 31, 2003 Global Migrations, Old Forms of Labor, and New Transborder Class Relations ・・・ Aguilar, Filomeno V. Jr. Three-Tiered Social Darwinism in Malaysian Ethnographic History ・・・ Ooi, Keebeng Culture, Envionment, and Farming Systems in Vietnam’s Northern Mountain Region ・・・ Tran, Duc Vien Dealing with Contradictions : Examining National Forest Reserves in Thailand ・・・ 藤田渡 [Fujita, Wataru] Shifting Swamp Rice Cultivation with Broadcast Seeding in Insular Southeast Asia : A Survey of Its Distribution and the Natural and Social Factors Influencing Its Use ・・・ 市川昌広 [Ichikawa, Masahiro] 書評論文 [Review Articles] アメリカ「帝国」,「ならず者」国家,イスラム主義 [Empire, Rogue States, Islamism] ・・・ 白石隆 [Shiraishi, Takashi]

Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 41 No 1

     *When you cite articles in this issue, for page numbers please refer to the PDF version. In ePub and mobi versions Book Reviews and Field Reports are not included. 目次 [CONTENTS] Published on June 30, 2003 Environmental Consciousness in Southeast and East Asia: Comparative Studies of Public Perceptions of Environmental Problems in Hong Kong(China), Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam Preface ・・・ Rambo, A. Terry 青柳みどり [Aoyagi-Usui, Midori] Lee, Yok-shiu F. Nickum, James E. 大塚隆志 [Otsuka, Takashi] Methodology and Major Findings of a Comparative Research Project on Environmental Consciousness in Hong Kong (China), Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam ・・・ Nickum, James E. Rambo, A. Terry Environmental Consciousness in Hong Kong ・・・ Lee, Yok-shiu […]

Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 40 No 4

目次 [CONTENTS] Published on March 31, 2003 Urug. An Anthropological Investigation on Suicide in Palawan, Philippines ・・・ Macdonald, Charles J-H Traditional Vietnam’s Incorporation of External Cultural and Technical Contributions : Ambivalence and Ambiguity ・・・ Nguyen The Anh Development Policy and Human Mobility in a Developing Country : Voting Strategy of the Iban in Sarawak, Malaysia ・・・ 祖田亮次 [Soda, Ryoji] タイー族・ヌン族の国内移住の構造 ――ベトナム東北山間部少数民族のネットワーク―― [The Structure of Rural-Rural Migration of the Tay-Nung People : Ethnic Minorities’ Networks in the Vietnamese Northeast Mountain Area] ・・・ 伊藤正子 [Ito, Masako] 阿片・秘密結社・自由貿易 ――19世紀シンガポール,香港でのイギリス植民地統治の比較研究―― [Opium, Secret Societies, Free Trade : A Comparative Study of British Colonial Rule in Nineteenth Century Singapore and Hong Kong] ・・・ 鬼丸武士 [Onimaru, Takeshi] […]

Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 40 No 2

目次 [CONTENTS] Published on September 31, 2002 オランダ植民地統治と法の支配 ――統治法109条による「ヨーロッパ人」と「原住民」の創出―― [Colonialism and the Rule of Law : The Creation of “European” and “Inlander” in the East Indies] ・・・ 吉田信 [Yoshida, Makoto] インドネシア新秩序体制下における「地方」の創造 ――言語・文化政策とランプン州の地方語教育―― [Inventing a Regional Culture in New Order Indonesia : Language and Culture Policy and Local Language Education (Pendidikan Bahasa Daerah) in Lampung Province] ・・・ 金子正徳 [Kaneko, Masanori] タイ王国東北部農村世帯の生活構造における野生動植物採集の位置づけ ――生活時間のアプローチから―― [Evaluating Hunting and Gathering Activities in the Life Structure of Rural Households in Northeastern Thailand Using the Time Allocation Approach] ・・・ 芝原真紀 [Shibahara, Maki] Ecological Factors of the Recently Expanding Style of Shifting Cultivation in Southeast Asian Subtropical Areas : Why Could Fallow Periods Be Shortened? ・・・ 百瀬邦泰 [Momose, […]

Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 40 No 1

目次 [CONTENTS] Published on June 30, 2002 The Significance of Forest to the Emergence of Batek Knowledge in Pahang, Malaysia ・・・ Lye, Tuck-Po ラオス・モン族の食糧問題と移住 [Food Problems and Migration among the Hmong Tribe in Laos] ・・・ 鈴木基義 [Suzuki, Motoyoshi] 安井清子 [Yasui, Kiyoko] インドネシアにおけるイスラーム左派と知識人ネットワーク [Islamic Left and Intellectual Network in Indonesia] ・・・ 見市建 [Miichi, Ken] Environments and People of Sumatran Peat Swamp Forests I : Distribution and Typology of Vegetation ・・・ 百瀬邦泰 [Momose, Kuniyasu] 嶋村鉄也 [Shimamura, Tetsuya] Environments and People of Sumatran Peat Swamp Forests II : Distribution of Villages and Interactions between People and Forests ・・・ 百瀬邦泰 [Momose, Kuniyasu] 書評 [Book Reviews] Jane Richardson Hanks, and Lucien Mason Hanks. Tribes of […]

Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 39 No 4

目次 [CONTENTS] Published on March 31, 2002 東南アジアの経済発展メカニズム ――なにが分かっているのか―― [The Mechanism of Economic Development in Southeast Asia : What Do We Know?] ・・・ 吉原久仁夫 [Yoshihara, Kunio] 立憲革命後のタイにおける道路整備(1932〜1941年) ――最初の道路建設計画の策定―― [Road Improvement after the Constitutional Revolution in Thailand, 1932-1941 : Establishment of the First Road Construction Program] ・・・ 柿崎一郎 [Kakizaki, Ichiro] State Formation in Comparative Perspectives Preface ・・・ 白石隆 [Shiraishi, Takashi] Introduction ・・・ Abinales, Patricio N. State Formation in the Shadow of the Raj: Violence, Warfare and Politics in Colonial Burma ・・・ Callahan, Mary P. State Building and Repression in Authoritarian Onset ・・・ Boudreau, Vincent G. Modeling the State : Postcolonial Constituitions in Asia and Africa ・・・ Go, Julian Armed Rebellion in […]

Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 39 No 3

目次 [CONTENTS] Published on December 31, 2001 Social Organization and the Management of Natural Resources : A Case Study of Tat Hamlet, a Da Bac Tay Ethnic Minority Settlement in Vietnam’s Northwestern Mountains ・・・ Rambo, A. Terry Tran, Duc Vien Some Things Poetry Can Tell Us about the Process of Social Change in Vietnam ・・・ Jamieson, Neil L. Social Capital and Business Networking : A Case Study of Modern Chinese Transnationalism ・・・ Liu, Hong Aspects of the Place and Role of the Chinese in Late Nineteenth Century Bangkok ・・・ Ouyyanont, Porphant 坪内良博 [Tsubouchi, Yoshihiro] The Role of Trees in Countering Land Degradation in Cultivated Fields in Northeast Thailand ・・・ Vityakon, […]

Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 39 No 2

目次 [CONTENTS] Published on September 30, 2001 The Vietnam War and Tourism in Bangkok’s Development, 1960-70 ・・・ Ouyyanont, Porphant The Malay World in Textbooks: The Transmission of Colonial Knowledge in British Malaya ・・・ 左右田直規 [Soda, Naoki] ラカイン山脈におけるサラインチン人集落の再建と 焼畑によるコメ自給システム [Self-sufficiency with Shifting Cultivation in a Reestablished Salain Chin Village of the Rakhine Mountains] ・・・ 田中求 [Tanaka, Motomu] シンガポールにおける寿司の受容 ――寿司のグローバライゼーションと ローカライゼーションを めぐって―― [The Popularization of Sushi in Singapore : Issues in Globalization and Localization] ・・・ 呉偉明 [Ng, Wai-ming] 合田美穂 [Goda, Miho] 書評 [Book Reviews] 杉村美紀著『マレーシアの教育政策とマイノリティ──国民統合のなかの華人学校』, 東京大学出版会, 2000, ix+229p [Miki Sugimura. Educational Policy and the Minority in Malaysia : Chinese Schools under the Policy of National Integration. University of Tokyo Press, 2000, ix+229p] […]

Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 38 No 4

目次 [CONTENTS] Published on March 31, 2001 Higher Education Reform in Thailand ・・・ Nitungkorn, Sukanya Only Yesterday in Jakarta : Property Boom and Consumptive Trends in the Late New Order Metropolitan City ・・・ 新井健一郎 [Arai, Kenichiro] ジャワ農村における住民組織のインボリューション ――スハルト政権下の「村落開発」の一側面―― [Organizational Involution in Rural Java : A Characteristic of “Village Development” under the New Order] ・・・ 島上宗子 [Shimagami, Motoko] ダバオ市におけるバジャウの都市経済適応過程 ――経済的福祉とエスニック・アイデンティティの観点から―― [The Adaptive Process of the Badjaos in Davao City : Economic Well-Being and Ethnic Identity] ・・・ 青山和佳 [Aoyama, Waka] 南機関小稿[An Essay on Minami Kikan] ・・・ 武島良成 [Takeshima, Yoshinari] 書評 [Book Reviews] Jerome Rousseau. Kayan Religion: Ritual Life and Religious Reform in Central Borneo. KITLV Press, 1998, 352p. ・・・ 井上真 [Inoue, Makoto] […]

Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 38 No 3

目次 [CONTENTS] Published on December 31, 2000 Farmers and Forests : A Changing Phase in Northeast Thailand ・・・ Prachaiyo, Buared 書評 [Book Reviews] David M. Ayres, Anatomy of a Crisis : Education, Development, and the State in Cambodia, 1953-1998. Hawaii : University of Hawai’i Press, 2000, xi+256p. ・・・ 小林知 [Kobayashi, Satoru] 現地通信 [Field Reports] 2000 年のパシルマスから [From Pasir Mas, Kelantan in the Year 2000] ・・・ 坪内良博 [Tsubouchi, Yoshihiro] タイとマレーシアの食文化 [Eating Habits in Thailand and Malaysia] ・・・ 西渕光昭 [Nishibuchi, Mitsuaki]

Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 38 No 2

目次 [CONTENTS] Published on September 31, 2000 Fund-Raising Activities of a Cooperative in the Red River Delta: A Case Study of the Coc Thanh Cooperative in Nam Dinh Province, Vietnam ・・・ 柳澤雅之 [Yanagisawa, Masayuki] Education and Economic Development during the Modernization Period : A Comparison between Thailand and Japan ・・・ Nitungkorn, Sukanya Forest, Bateks, and Degradation: Environmental Representations in a Changing World ・・・ Lye, Tuck-Po フィリピンの農村工業における持続性 ――アンティーケ州バリ村の土器産業―― [The Continuity of a Village Industry in a Philippine Community: The Pottery of Bari, Antique Province] ・・・ 永井博子 [Nagai, Hiroko] 革命期を生き抜いた植民地期原住民行政官吏(パンレ・プラジャ) ――インドネシア・西ジャワ州の場合―― [The Colonial Aristocratic Bureaucrats(Pangreh Praja) Surviving the Revolution: The Case of West Java, Indonesia] ・・・ 岡本正明 [Okamoto, Masaaki] サラワク州イバン村落における移動湿地田稲作の変遷 [Transformation of […]

Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 38 No 1

目次 [CONTENTS] Published on June 30, 2000 工場労働者の第1世代をめぐる職務意識 ――ラオスを対象として―― [Attitudes and Behavior of the First Generation of Factory Wokers: A Case Study in Laos] ・・・ 大野昭彦 [Ohno, Akihiko] 鈴木基義 [Suzuki, Motoyoshi] ミャンマー乾期灌漑稲作経済の実態 ――ヤンゴン近郊農村フィールド調査より―― [An Economic Study on Irrigated Summer Rice Production in Myanmar: The Case of a Village near Yangon] ・・・ 藤田幸一 [Fujita, Koichi] 岡本郁子 [Okamoto, Ikuko] 「水王」の系譜 ――スレイ・サントー王権史―― [History of the Water Kings in Srei Santhor] ・・・ 北川香子 [Kitagawa, Takako] サラワク州イバン村落における湿地田稲作 ――植付け方法にみる適応戦略―― [Swamp Rice Cultivation in an Iban Village of Sarawak: Planting Methods as an Adaptation Strategy] ・・・ 市川昌広 [Ichikawa, Masahiro] Farmers’ Views of the Forest: Perceptions of the Forest and the Natural Environment in Northeast Thailand ・・・ 藤田渡 […]

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